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Have you ever tried to carry a snack of sliced apples, only to discover they have gone all brown and horrible? It’s disappointing and many picnics have been ruined because of this natural process of browning.

What causes the apple to go brown? It’s essentially due to the oxygen in the air reacting with the now exposed flesh of the apple. Basically the apple is ‘rusting’ and that’s why it appears brown. We found a simple trick that will stop your apples from browning and it’s only 4 steps!


  1. Use your knife to make 8 wedges of apple with the core remaining intact in the middle.
  2. Ease the wedges of apple away from the core and with the peel side down spray gently with lemon juice.
  3. Gather the wedges around the core.
  4. Using a rubber band (preferably a produce rubber band however if not available you can use any standard rubber band), wrap it round the outer part of the apple to hold the wedges in place.

This tip can save your apple from browning, do you have any other ways you keep food fresh?

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  1. doesnt include lemons????????? finally hoped someone was onto somethingthere,,,, but nope…… spray with lemon……lol

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