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It happens to some people every day and some people very rarely but we all know what it feels like to get a zap from our car door when we close or open it! It’s very uncomfortable and often comes without warning.

So what can you do to avoid this happening again? You can try the following things:

1. Make sure you’re not wearing fleece or other synthetic materials with a high static factor.

2. Wear rubber soled shoes where possible as they’ll reduce shocks.

3. Hold a key in your hand and touch the metal door frame as you exit. It acts as a conducting rod and discharges the static without pain.

4. Use an anti-static laundry spray on your car’s seats and floor.

5. Tap the door with your forearm or elbow as you get out. You will feel the shock but it will be much less painful.

But the most effective solution is said to be this:

6. When you exit the car, grip the metal frame of the door for a couple of seconds before you let your feet touch the ground. This is because the static charge is balanced when you’re still seated, and when you get up the charge of your clothing doesn’t have the opposite charge to hold it where it is. Apparently, having your hand on the car frame when you get up lets it discharge more slowly.


So tell us, did any of these solutions work for you?

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  1. I get those shocks a lot. Some people seem more prone to them.. One January in Reno, very cold night, I couldn’t touch the buttons in the elevator in our hotel. There was a spark between my finger & the button every time..

  2. That’s me all the time. Walking, shopping, sitting, driving etc etc. sometimes just getting out of bed and I touch the door handle..ZAP Not nice…..

  3. I also get shocks when in supermarkets and go to take something from the shelf.

  4. I find a good moisturizer on my hands helps a lot; my sister always wears gloves made of wool rather than acrylic

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