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If you struggle with lipsticks and always find them bleeding out past your lip line, this life hack is for you! Here are our top tips:

  1. The key step to keeping your lipstick in place is to stay moisturised! Apply a lip balm before bed every night and your lips will be nourished and primed for application in the morning.
  2. Use a lip liner! Lip liners act as a fence for your lipstick, so creating that barrier first will hold the colour in place. If you’re worried about not having the right shade for your lipsticks, look out for a clear lip liner as they can be used with every product.
  3. Blot! After applying your first layer of lipstick, gently press your lips to a piece of paper towel or tissue – this step removes any excess product and ensures that the colour is adhered to your lips. Afterwards, you can reapply until you reach the intensity of colour you prefer – just don’t forget to blot in between each layer.


How do you keep your lipstick from bleeding? Let us know your favourite tips!

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  1. I’m more upset by the bleeding from skin other than lips and their apparent lipstick ‘bleeding’ (which it does on the rare occasion I use it) I’m always surprised to see blood dripping from back of hands or elbows. Any small scratch bleeds. It seals off quick enough but I haven’t even noticed the knock. I remember Dad having bits of skin off and him not noticing till I asked where he did that. He didn’t remember either. Bit worrying about what else will drop off without me noticing.

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    • same I think our skin is thinner as we age..I have a bit of my knuckle at the moment..can’t remember hitting it

    • Know the feeling & my dad din’t notice either & never knew where he got them. I used to tell him to be more careful, now it’s me.

    • By the way I do all of that but I didn’t know you could get clear lip liner… does anyone know where you can buy this.

    • Libbi. Do you take aspirin as this causes thinning of the skin as well. I get it like you do. My Mum is on blood thinners and she has to change her sheets ever three or four days as any little knock bleeds or even if she rubs or scratches herself. She is 93.

    • Thanks for that Ruth. I have been taking Aspro Clear a lot more than I ever used to. Maybe five out of seven days a week whereas it used to be once every now and again.

  2. I seem to have constantly dry, sore lips – have tried every sort of lip balm and moisturiser – none work very well – My doc says “its just age” – ok… any hints from anyone?

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    • Hi Valerie,
      Just my little input. I am a ( now retired ) Beauty Therapist – so do know a little re these annoying conditions.
      Menopause changes so much more for us ladies than the obvious. Dry lips , skin, bones that get weaker & brittle are just a few of these less than wonderful symptoms we have to learn to control & endure.
      With regard to the dry lips my tips are ( & find them to work )
      1* After brushing your teeth, also brush your lips to remove all dead skin.
      2* Follow with a good rinse of listerine & then a small cup of water.
      3* Now your mouth is clean.
      4* Apply a good product such as blistex or Paw Paw oil to keep your lips moisturized between brushing. It is important to keep replenishing throughout the day & again before going to bed .
      5* Wearing lippie after following these steps also helps to keep the unwanted dryness, soreness & lip peeling away during the day ( don’t recommend wearing lippie to bed for the obvious reason of pillow stains)
      Hope this helps – it does for me – so good luck & let me know how you get on. 🙂

    • Had the same problem half my life. Best thing ever was using Max Factor Lipfinity with their moisturising gloss stick over the top. Colour lasts all day, just touch up with the gloss regularly. Never suffered dry lips since.

    • You should not have sore dry lips with age, unless you lick them all the time.
      Wear a moisturizer lipstick with lipliner I’m sure will help.
      But remember to reapply after eating and drinking.

    • Thanks ladies, that’s what I thought too,Marcella DONT lick them frequently ..and do all the things you suggest,but Doc,( YOUNG woman!) says lack of oestrogen..ho hum…

  3. Like the idea of lip balm at night as my lips are dry. Just need to remember to use it!

  4. I have always used lip pencil around the lip edge, the pat the lipstick with face powder puff, never bleeds

  5. Other than using lip liner, 12 hr lippy’s stay on and never bleed, Maybellene is good.
    For normal lipstick base your lips with foundation apply lipliner then lipstick blot then another coat, it will not bleed colour. Works for me

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