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This simple trick will save you heaps of time if you are a regular potato-peeler. In fact, with this quick tweak, you will never need to use the peeler again!

Peel a potato by boiling it and then giving it an ice bath. One bowl of icy water and the skin will separate from the potato and you can pick it off easily. You just need to leave the potato in the ice bowl for about five seconds – the skin will start to cool but your potato will stay hot in the centre.

So even if you’re the most skilled chef, your friends will definitely be impressed by this skill.


If you don’t believe it, take a look at this instructional video below!

Tell us, have you ever tried this? Will you try it next time you make potatoes?

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  1. I can see a few people burning their hands if they dont get the skin off fast enough

  2. Never buy potatoes anymore. If I do cook a roast I buy the frozen roast veggies. A lot cheaper and easier for one person.

  3. Nah. Won’t be doing that. Way too much bother, – time to boil water, time to get ice from fridge, time to cool spud then you have two extra pots to wipe and put away. Spud peeler is much quicker.

  4. I knew that. I always to it when I make potato salad. I thought you were going to show me how to do it when they were raw

  5. We don’t have spuds often now as my husband has type 2 diabetes and has to keep carbohydrate intake low.

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