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Perfume is the easiest way to smell beautiful and fresh but sometimes it doesn’t last all day. If you don’t want to keep perfume in your bag to respray, we have a few tricks to ensure the smell stays on you all day.

Option one:

Use cream to prep before you spray:

  1. Put vaseline or body cream on the areas you want to spray (wrist and neck)
  2. Spray the perfume directly to the vaseline spots.

Option two:

Apply perfume to any of the following body parts:

  1. inner elbow
  2. behind knees
  3. behind ears
  4. base of throat
  5. inside wrist
  6. spray your hair.


Tell us, will you try these tricks? Have they worked for you before?

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  1. I save to buy good stuff nothing worse than the smell of cheap and nasty. Also in Summer a little goes a long way.

  2. Chanel is quoted as saying ‘if you can smell perfume on a person and you are not holding them in a fond embrace, they are wearing too much’. And please remember there are many asthmatics out there who are allergic to the way you smell.

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  3. Where are all the lovely floral perfumes violet, rose, gardenia, carnation, etc.? All the modern ones aren’t half as nice.

  4. Layer it & put it on hot spots,only wear good perfume,I only wear Angel,roberto cavelli,& Egyptian oils…

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