Life hack: How to keep your alfoil from escaping! 4



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Have you ever had left over food and you go to cover it with some aluminium foil to store it in the fridge? But instead of getting a small amount of foil enough to cover your food, you get the entire roll in one tug! Well this discovery will fix this instantly!

Those small tabs that you can find on either side of the box are the solution; they can be pushed in and act as an anchor for the foil roll inside the box and thus you will never have to struggle with re-packaging excess foil again!

Note: you can also apply this trick to plastic wrap and baking paper


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  1. after you indent the ends, tape the ends so they don’t flip out if you accidentally invert the box. (I use Capral commercial foil in 300 metre rolls and it’s a bit heavy for the girls to handle, but a lot better to use, a roll last us 8-9 years so the box gets damaged.

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