Life hack: how to de-wrinkle your clothes without touching an iron 31



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Are you stuck for time and need to smooth out a crinkle or are you simply tired of ironing? The solution is easy: a couple of ice cubes and a dryer.

Toss two or three ice cubes in with a light load and turn the temperature up to its hottest setting. The combination of steam (from the melting ice cubes) and high temperatures will smooth out visible wrinkles.

Note: if the load is too heavy, the steam from the ice cubes will not be sufficient to get rid of lines. For the best results stick to a couple of items and light fabrics.


What is your favourite trick to keep your clothes looking sharp? 

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  1. A A wet washer or hand towel works equally well in the clothes dryer. Must be wet not just damp.

  2. I put my crinkled clothes into the freezer for 5mins before ironing really easy to iron ,especially linen.

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  3. I don’t iron …haven’t for years. Clothes are all drip dry and if hung on clothesline then hung in wardrobe immediately after drying crinkles all gone 🙂

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