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As summer is upon us all once more, cooling down drinks fast has become more and more important. When it comes to white wine anyone can tell you that it needs to be served chilled. Sometimes you just don’t have time to pop a bottle in the fridge or even freezer and wait. This tip will solve this problem in a delicious way.


When you’re next at the local supermarket make sure to pick up a bunch of grapes (white/green are preferable) with the rest of your shopping. Place them in a ice cube tray and leave them in your freezer. Ideally you make these in advance and have them as a “just in case” substitute for ice cubes which inevitably water down the wine.



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  1. You NEVER put your wine in the freezer ! You should NEVER use icecubes in your wine. Put the wine in a wine fridge or a normal fridge. Easy.

  2. I’ve does not water down your wine still has the same alcohol content. I when I drank wine loved ice in my wine thinking it was lessening the alcohol potency. My dr told me it didn’t still had the same alcohol measure!!

  3. I prefer the taste of wine, when the chill has gone. The sharpness disappears and the mellow flavour remains. Mmmmmm ๐Ÿ™‚

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