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Fuel discounts are great but have you ever taken advantage of one, filled up to the amount you wanted, only for the service station attendant to take off the discount, leaving you with an annoying uneven amount?

This might get a bit complicated to explain, but stay with us.

If you want an exact dollar amount of fuel at the discounted price, there’s a simple calculation you can do when you arrive at the bowser.


You want $40 of fuel and the normal price is 133.9 cents per litre, and the 4c off discounted price is 129.9 cents per litre.


Follow these steps to get an exact amount of fuel every time:

  1. Get out your phone and go to the calculator app (if you don’t have a smart phone, you can carry a calculator) and enter how much money you want to spend divided by the discounted price in dollars i.e. ’40 ÷ 1.299′
  2. The number you end up with is how many litres of fuel you need to put in. In this example, it’s 30.79.
  3. So instead of looking at the dollar amount when you’re filling up, look at the litres and fill to that amount.
  4. When you go to pay, present your discount card or coupon and the attendant will discount it down to exactly the amount you wanted, i.e. $40.


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  1. Is it a good idea to be encouraging people to be using mobile phones in the forecourt of service stations where other people are probably already fuelling up their vehicles?

  2. Always stop at two cents above what I want then they round it down . Fill up twice a fortnight that makes 56 cents for the year. Miserable bastard aren’t I . LOL

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  3. Why bother at all with fuel discount vouchers. It’s not worth the trouble to save a miserable few cents. If I have a voucher fine, if not who cares. No amount of cents off per litre will make up for how much we are being ripped off in the first place.

  4. Really….as if anyone is going to fiddle around with phone apps or calculator at the bowser!! When I put petrol in my car, I always put x litres….regardless of price, and you can see then if they are true to price! Of course…even that could be rigged!!

  5. I don’t use those vouchers on principle. We luckily still have independent petrol stations here. If that stops so will your discount. Buy at the independents where possible.

  6. Use credit card and it really doesn’t matter what the price comes to they will charge the exact amount. I always fill my car until the pump stops.

  7. I swear, I am so over the 4c a litre I find it cringe worthy.
    My car is on LPG. I do about 6000K’s a year
    My local independent garage is usually about 2 cents cheaper than the Coles & Woolies full price, so without the 4 cents discount I pay $1 dollar more for the 50 litres.
    As you can see, it costs me about $12 dollars a year to keep an Independent outlet in competition against the scalping we’d suffer from the others without them.
    I reckon that’s very cheap. More people should consider it.

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