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It’s a point of contention and frustration for many. How do you fold something that refuses to stay flat?

We’ve tried plenty of tricks over the years, and this is by far the most effective to date. Do you fold your fitted sheets this way, or do you have an even better way?

  1. Hold your sheet lengthways.
  2. Slip one top corner over the other.
  3. Run your hand down to one of the lower corners. Pull it up tuck underneath the first two corners.
  4. Run your hand down to the final corner. Tuck it under the other three. You should now be holding all four corners together.
  5. Shake the sheets out and smooth the sheet onto a flat surface
  6. Keeping your corners together, fold your sheet into thirds or quarters – whichever arrangement works best for you.

Have you tried this trick? Do you have a different way of doing it? Or are you more of a “shove it all in the cupboard” type of sheet stacker? Share your tips in the comments below!

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  1. I hang mine on the line and match all the corners before pegging, then use the line crease to fold straight off the line. It’s folded, in the basket and ready to put away as soon as I come inside.

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  2. Be OK if I had a big table.

    Nah, that’s not it.

    Got a big cupboard and a couple of these pains.

  3. Have done this, and yes, you need a big surface. Lots of stretching. I gave up on this and just fold them as best I can. They don’t look too bad in my cupboard, 😉

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    • I fold them as best I can and then stick both the sheets and one pillowcase inside the other pillowcase. Keeps it all together

  4. Oh for Heavens sake, the easiest thing is just to have one set for each bed. Wash, dry and replace on bed…easy, and less room taken up in your linen cupboard.

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  5. I’ve been using this method for a while now, since seeing a similar tutorial online. I find it really does work, I can even manage to do it straight off the clothesline, using my wash basket as a small table. I then fold the top sheet and one pillow case and put them inside the second pillow case so they all fit together neatly in the linen closet. No more searching for matching sets!

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    • I’ve been doing it like this for years. I fold mine on the bed there is plenty of room on the bed

  6. I roll mine up like sausages and stack them on top of each other. Look ok in the linen press. I’ve told my daughter if she says to me ions more time that’s it’s easy…………..!

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