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Most of us have done the ‘egg gamble’– what we do when we break open an egg that may be pushing its use by date.

Sadly, there are those of us out there that have lost this gamble.

Well, this is a bet you no longer have to take, thanks to this handy life hack that checks the quality of the egg before you actually crack it open. Remember to use this little hint the next time you’re not sure about the quality of your eggs!

1. Place your egg(s) in cool water.

2. If the egg lies on the bottom, it is fresh and fine to eat

3. If the egg stands up but stays on the bottom, the egg needs to be eaten immediately or boiled.

4. If the egg floats, it is expired and should not be eaten. This is because expired eggs create gas that builds up and causes the egg to rise to the water’s surface.

Happy cooking.

Do you have any other cooking hints or hacks? Let us know in the comments below

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  1. Put it in a bowl of water.if it floats its rotten,sinks its fresh stands on its end it’s stale

  2. Spin the egg around quickly, then stop it. If it carries on spinning its ok, if it stops when you stop it dont eat it.

  3. That’s a really good hack. I’ve always crack them in a separate bowl. Boiled eggs was always a surprise !

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