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We’ve all been there: we desperately need our phone to charge but it just won’t go any faster. Finally, after an hour or two, it’s at full charge.

But how can you make it actually charge faster? This simple life hack will charge it in no time.

All you need to do is change to ‘airplane mode’ in your smart phone’s settings. This turns off your internet, reception and any downloading or uploading so your battery can charge in peace. If you’re waiting for a call, don’t put this mode on until you’re prepared to wait for it to fully charge! And remember to turn it off after you’re done too.



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  1. What a load of rubbish. Airplane mode only switches off a few things that take all day to flatten a fully charged battery anyway. Usually, your charger delivers far more power than the battery is capable of absorbing, so don’t be surprised if this makes no noticeable difference at all… My advice is, if you never want to run out of power, either get a phone with an interchangeable battery and keep a second battery fully charged on hand or get a portable battery charger pack….

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  2. I knew but I don’t think it’s any faster best is to put your phone on the charger at night while your asleep

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    • I actually turn my phones off before I go to bed. I figure that if something dreadful happens during the night, there is nothing I can do about it until the next morning, so at lest I get a full nights sleep.

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      • I block calls from 10.30pm till 8am for all except my family who are on my favorites list.

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