Life hack: Amazingly simple way to peel potatoes 44



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I recently had to peel enough potatoes for 50 people and I really wish I new this tip before hand! No more cut hands or tedious peeling, this tip is amazing!

Simply cut a horizontal line around the middle of each potato, make sure you don’t cut any deeper than the skin. After this place the potatoes is a pot with boiling water. Once the potatoes have been cooked drain the boiling water and use cold water to cool them down. When they are cool enough to handle simply peel off the skin, it should essentially fall off into your hands.


Do you have any other kitchen time-savers to share?

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  1. By the time you do all that, SAS, I will have finished by using the old peeler in your picture. It all depends on how you use it and I’ve discovered I can be really fast.

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  2. Feel the need to peel potatoes every …. Oh, can’t remember when I last did!

  3. Best part of the potato is the skin…cooked with it on…yum yums

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