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He’s one of the world’s biggest football stars, and his wife was part of one of the most successful girl bands of all time, but that doesn’t exclude them from making some parenting faux pas.

Spotted walking along with his four-year-old daughter, David Beckham looked happy and Harper, carefree. But it was what was in her mouth that has had some parenting experts concerned.

The little girl was sucking on a dummy, calling for discussion on when it is appropriate to get rid of the dummy.

According to the Daily Mail, parenting experts said that David, 40, and Victoria Beckham, 41, risked stunting their daughter’s speech and are putting her teeth at risk of damage by letting her continue to use one.

As grandparents and parents ourselves, we’re no strangers to the pacifier but how old is too old? Some of us use them to soothe an upset child, or to provide comfort, and the usual length of use is around 12 months.

Parenting expert Clare Byam-Cook, a former midwife, said, “I can’t believe she is still using a dummy. If she has a dummy in their mouth at this age, at four, it really can damage her teeth and it is very likely to hinder speech development.

You are far less likely to speak if you have a dummy in your mouth than if your mouth is free. Many dentists will agree that dummy use at this age really is not good.

After about three months, most babies should not need a comforter. Children at the age of four really don’t need a dummy.

David and Victoria seem wonderful parents and I’m sure they give Harper lots of attention but, like it or not, they are role models and lots of people will see this and think that having a dummy at this age is normal when it is not.

It could be last child syndrome – because she is the youngest David and Victoria could be clinging on to her being a baby.

Others haven’t been so kind, with some saying it is lazy parenting and the Beckhams need to rid of the dummy once and for all.

Take a look at the pics and tell us, do you think she’s too old to suck on a pacifier? What is the right age? When did your grandchildren stop?


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  1. The kids look normal happy and healthy ,if this is the worst thing they do ,why should we need to knock them

  2. Goodness me – we are not the parents of this child and it’s none of our business!!!!!

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    • you took the words right out of my mouth Sue 🙂 So many are sooo quick to judge on every aspect of parenting—and other things as well!!!

    • We were asked to give an opinion, and I don’t see anything wrong with giving an opinion. You don’t have to like it.

    • I agree it’s none of our business. Surely there are more important thing to talk about

    • Sue Ware – you are so right. And some children need a dummy longer. One son didnt have one and should have. MIL refused to let me give him a dummy. 1st daughter had one for a while. 2nd daughter used hers as teething ring and bit a hole in it. No more dummies for her. (She Had her 1st tooth at 5 months. Her sister had 1st tooth at 4 1/2 months). Youngest son had his dummy for longer, as he was very sick as a baby. One grandson gagged if u put it in his mouth. One granddaughter had hers for long time. Nothing wrong with her speech. Had the most perfect baby teeth.

  3. There is no right age the kid will go of the dummy when she is ready

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    • If the dummy is not taken from the child or you wait until the children are ready to go off the dummy there will be many children at school with dummies.

    • My little nephew was 3 years old when he finally gave up the dummy,it started with mum saying he was a big boy and could have the dummy only at bed time he agreed ,by the time it was school time dummy all gone

  4. We had 4 children and not one of them had a dummy. I personally do not like them but it’s up to each parent to decide whether they give their child one..

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    • I agree Joan. I never liked them and I never gave one to my son. I was furious when my husband gave one to my daughter but he had been in a traffic accident and had residual head injuries for some time and was noise sensitive. Luckily she abandoned it of her own accord by the time she was twelve months old.

  5. I have three kids, I never gave them dummy, they never ask for it! They grown up with out dummy!
    Is it dummy really need?

  6. It’s revolting.
    A dummy is a substitute teat, is she still bottle fed ?

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