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The Prime Minister has today told reporters Bronwyn Bishop is “on probation” for her expenses claims and that she has “copped a justifiable hiding”.

He described the Speaker as being  “contrite” and “apologetic” over “this serious lapse of judgment” during several long conversations the pair has had about the topic.

“Bronwyn is, I think, very, very contrite about this. I’ve had a couple of long conversations with her about it,” said Mr Abbott.

However, when it comes to the public, Mrs Bishop seems to be pulling a John Howard and refusing to utter the “S” word.

When asked if she would apologise over the weekend, she simply said, “The biggest apology one can make is to repay the amount.”

“When I saw the figure, it looked large and I thought I should pay it, and am paying it.”

But is that enough? It’s one thing to say sorry to your boss for causing embarrassment and wasting public money, but what about the people who actually pay her salary?

Mrs Bishop has paid back the $5000+ for the flight, along with a $1300 fine. If she’s so “contrite” over the issue, she should issue a formal apology to the Australian public – a move that will cost her nothing.

It’s not like she’s going to lose her job – the Prime Minister remains her staunch supporter, saying today, “She has been a strong Speaker…she has been a strong servant of our country, she has been a good servant of the Coalition and so she does have my confidence but like everyone who has done something like this, inevitably, for a period of time, they are on probation.”

It’s clear the government wants to be shot of the issue, so how about it Madam Speaker? Say sorry so we can all move on!

Would you like a formal apology from the speaker over the chopper scandal? Do you think it would help matters? 


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  1. The only way she can fully apologise for her misuse of OUR money is to pay everything back and then resign as speaker. Hopefully her electorate will see her for the arrogant person she is and vote her out at the next election.

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    • With a HUGE Pension!!! Prosecute Her and she gets NOTHING like Nuttall from Queensland…

    • Look what happened to peter slipper. The federal police were involved in his case. Now the AFP have passed Bronwyn Bishops actions to the finance department. I think it will all be hushed up. And they tell us the of entitlements are over. Not for them it seems.

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      • It doesn’t excuse her but her case is vastly different to Slippers case. He went to a winery to enjoy himself. Bronwyn was on a political reason, but she still shouldn’t have done that. She has let herself and the people down, let alone the Liberal party.
        I think she is great lady and shouldn’t have such disrespect from other people on this site. Yes I am disappointed too, but no need for the nasty comments.

        2 REPLY
        • No difference. She went to a liberal fundraiser. That’s not her job that taxpayers are paying her to do. She stole from taxpayers. All I expect is that she’s treated the same as anybody who steals. She should be called to account in court.

        • Sorry but this no lady.
          A lady would not do these sought of things in the first place.

    • WE the PEOPLE MUST DEMAND she be PROSECUTED with ALL others found with their Piggy Fingers in the TROUGH… Abbott, Hockey ect ect…

    • well said Robert, honestly doesn’t this grate on your nerves, we spent months defending our pensions, only to find she has been rorting right the way through it all..sacking her is too good I am that annoyed I would gaol her 🙂

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    • Thanks Jeanette Earle. Your comment as it stands is meaningless. Why do we need to grow up? What do you think of Bishop’s use of taxpayer money?

    • She has paid it back and why does she need to resign???? Peter Slippers case was different, he refused to pay and he was up on a sexual assault charge as well. His also had nothing to do with his job, a lot of his was for personal use and not what we should pay for. Hers was to do with her job.

      1 REPLY
      • Wrong Judith, on so many levels. So do thieves only need to “pay it back” in today’s world? I thought they were taken to court. Slipper’s case was no different, both were doing something outside the realm of their jobs, and charging taxpayers for doing it.

        1 REPLY
        • Let he or she who is without sin cast the first stone.

    • They found out more she has rorted Judith, another chartered flight to another Liberal Party function that taxpayers paid for..she think she is above us all and uses taxpayers money to fly up there

    • Actually Judith it wasnt by definition. If she had of done a talk or some other parliamentary job else where within the same trip maybe,but the one she went to was not concidered a trip she could claim.

    • And the second charter flight some how was missed off the expense sheet, oh and the little junket to europe with two aids $88.000 It was published her expenses for the year came to around $840,000 thousand. More than the PM’s annual salary!

    • Robert you are making the assumption that her electorate is engaged in the political process and has the brains to know what is what. DONT HOLD YOUR BREATH

    • Kay Everett, Liberl supporters don’t like facts, they blindly believe Uncle Rupe. I see he’s also calling for her resignation too now, and Bolt. Yet some still blindly believe what she did is ok

  2. she is a lib bitch, one of Abbotts puppets, she wil not say sorry and all pollies do it, its their perks, bugger the Australians that work hard or can not get jobs, as long as they hve our money to spend

  3. she is way to confident of herself, and arrogant to lower herself, and apologizing to us minions who are obviously beneath her. We have to go to work, and pay the taxes so that she and her bretheran can spend the monies willy nilly

  4. she is an arrogant woman who lives in a glass tower and has not idea how the mere mortals live. her behaviour is disgraceful. in fact i would go so far as to have all of them in canberra have an independent review of the age of entitlements that we all have to do. it really is getting beyond a joke. absolutely resign ms bishop you have no idea

    1 REPLY
    • The age of entitlement is over. But not for them in Canberra it seems. She is so arrogant. Ditch the bitch. Does that sound familiar? She treated Gillian Triggs and Julia Gillard with very little respect.

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