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Going to bed with your partner can be wonderful, but it can also be really annoying. Sometimes this could be because they snore, but it could also be for several other reasons, any one of which can drive the other partner nuts.

Before you get too excited here, we’re not talking about sex, just sleeping together. Yes, sharing a bed with your lover and life partner. It’s one of the joys of having a partner, but– like anything – things can go wrong. They are all little things, but if combined en masse can turn the bed into a boxing ring.

Here are just a few common issues:

  1. Your partner steals the blanket when he/she turns over
  2. When your partner is too hot, he/she dumps all the bedding on your side so you wake up broiling
  3. Your partner knows they snore in a certain position but insists on going to sleep in that position
  4. Your partner insists on watching television in bed even though they know you are tired and want to go to sleep
  5. They make so much noise when they get up and go to pee that is sounds like an elephant is on the rampage
  6. They insist on wearing a smelly and grubby t-shirt and undies to bed
  7. They make advances when they know you are really tired and just want to sleep
  8. They suddenly decide getting up at 6am is a good idea when it’s the first day in ages you’ve had a chance to sleep in

Okay, if your partner scored more than four out of eight, you can tell them they they are officially “selfish in bed”. Sadly, there is no guaranteed solution for a selfish partner. You can try talking to them, but it can be very hard to make them change their ways, particularly when they do some things in their sleep and are not even aware of them.


Have we missed anything? What annoying habits does your partner has that haven’t been included in the list?

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  1. Uh oh. My dearly beloved made 4/8. It used to drive me nuts. I nearly lost him 3 months ago so I am just so pleased to have him here with me.

  2. Well it is official. My husband is wonderful. Score 0/8. I am certainly not going to let him score me. lol

  3. No,I reckon you have covered it all. On second thought maybe you could add farting in bed and unsuccessfully trying not to disturb the covers. My wife and I are both guilty of all crimes mentioned in the article. We do however have individual doonas which means either one of us can fart and be safe in the knowledge that we have not caused too much discomfort. Ya gotta love a good nights sleep.

  4. Separate rooms works for us. I cannot tell how much we both enjoy our own space. Visits are allowed of course to add intrigue to the relationship.

  5. mike here-I know everybody snores to one degree or another but my question is-Why does the loudest snorer always get to sleep first? An ENT specialist offered June an operation a number of years back in which he guaranteed 12 weeks of pain after & a 40% chance of success to stop the snoring. We opted for his 2nd suggestion, that was sleep in separate rooms. Worked for us. Now I no longer have to put up with her snoring, her restless leg & her ability to do a complete 180′ turn in the bed nor does she have to put up with my annoying habits, of which I have no personal knowledge because I’m asleep when they happen. I used to get told often but I never rely on 2nd hand information.

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