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The shock announcement last night that one of Australia’s most controversial pillars of foreign policy will be virtually abandoned has left more questions that answers.

The Nauru government has announced the asylum seeker detention centre in the tiny Pacific nation will process all 600 boat people detained there within one week and that a 24-hour open door policy will be in effect immediately.

Some of the detainees have been in Nauru for three years.

Last night, immigration minister Peter Dutton failed to adequately explain the sudden change of heart, although refugee advocacy groups are questioning the timing, considering an upcoming legal challenge to Australia’s right to detain asylum seekers.

Human Rights Law Centre’s director of legal advocacy Daniel Webb told the ABC that the announcements were “quite clearly connected”.

“These announcements come more than three years after the first person was locked up on Nauru, but less than two days before the highest court in the country is due to assess the lawfulness of that detention,” he said.

The Turnbull government has welcomed the news of the fast-tracked processesing, however few details have been released about what happens next.

The Australian reports that detainees will be given three options: to live in Nauru, to be transferred and resettled in Cambodia or to return to their home country. None will not be resettled in Australia.

Considering Nauru is a country almost entirely dependent on Australian aid, with no significant industry of its own beyond the detention centre, concerns have been raised about the safety and wellbeing of the boat people who choose to remain in the country.

There have been more than 60 allegations of sexual abuse against women and more than 30 against children in and around the centre, which has operated an open-door policy throughout the day.

Speaking on Lateline, the immigration minister could not confirm the released asylum seekers would be safe.

Tell us, are you happy with this solution for the asylum seekers detained in Nauru? Do you see this as a step forward or backwards?

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  1. Those Island concentration camps are very sick places, 60 allegation of sexual abuse and over 30 allegations of child abuse is absolutely abhorrent.What is the Government doing to prevent this? Transfeild are in charge, why is this being not followed up and people prosecuted ? Our Government bears the ultimate responsibility for the health and welfare of these people, they put them on those Islands !!

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    • Dutton is as much use as the rest of them Do they really think this will solve the problem of the legal challenge? Justice would be their families being sent to Nauru, see how they like it there

    • Yet it appears from the interview that Dutton is worming is way out of responsibility for these people he’s placed in Nauru. Sorry Dutton, it just doesn’t cut it. You and this government alone, are 100% responsible for the welfare of all these people because it’s you who put them there. They didn’t go there under their own steam, for a holiday.

      You are therefore also responsible for the detainment and charging of the perpetrators, whether Islanders or Transfield employees, who bash/rape/torture/humiliate those people. How unsurprising that you are totally derelict in your duty.

    • Libbi, these forums only invite the sickest of minds, I cannot believe the hateful thinking that some women have toward other women and children being physically and sexually abused.

    • I agree with you Lee, it all shocks me, I shake my head and wonder are we still in Australia, the land of the fair go. Basic human decency seems to be lacking in some, it is very sad

    • If you read these posts many are blaming for the victims for the crimes committed on them and the malice and contempt behind it all is sickening

    • The government has gagged doctors and other health professionals from even discussing what is happening in the detention centres. No doubt the statistics quoted would be before that gagging went into effect so it may be much higher , the abuse if children Ian’s women is a disgrace that this government will answer for one day , a call to present at The Hague I hope

    • how can you be so gullable an believe anything thay say ? or claim ? even hanson young has encouraged them to lie an make things up.

    • Have you ever taken the time to really think about this problem, they are abusing each other, just as they do in their own country. Let them in here and are your children safe!

  2. As stated these people are being abused, however they are also the perpetrators so why should we allow them into our community ?

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    • learn to read, they won’t be roaming Australia, they will be given freedom to roam Naru !!!

    • They are being raped by the people of Naru and transfield staff, if it looks like their staff will be investigated Transfield flys them back to Australia, so they can escape questioning

    • wake up Allan Clune , they are here and that does not give anyone the right to abuse them, don’t tell us about what should have been, tell us about what is happening now in our name

    • You know them all personally do you Allan? You have no idea what they’ve been through

    • Neither do you sue they came hoping to be allowed straight into Australia then to demand that their accommodation wasn’t good enough then that they need their own church then that Australian
      Customs don’t suit them then we the silly Aussies change our way and customs to suit them why don’t you people that are criticizing everything go over there and help them out

    • I know that they’re human beings and deserve to be treated as such. We haven’t changed our way of life, what are you on about? How is your life any different from how it was 10 years ago, apart from the fact that you’ve chosen to be scared out of your wits over a perceived threat

    • Helen Absolon anything up to 3 or 4 you might think could be made up but 33 adults raped and 67 children sexually abused is way to many for these people to be making it up. With that much circumstantial evidence any judge would convict

    • Oh rubbish Lorraine Nancarrow McNamara, why shouldn’t they have their own church it’s a free country you know we are allowed freedom of religion in this country, and i have yet to have a refugee tell me how to behavior or to change my customs, scaremongering straight from good old Tony stop demonizing them.

    • Oh god, Dawn is missing and Mary’s arrived. Same bigoted person I think, they write the same trash and make the same grammatical mistakes

    • They are being let out just what you asked for, can’t have it both ways. I just hope none of them get into Australia.

    • They were coming into our country illegally, so why would we have them here. The abuse & rape should also include the inmates as well as the staff at the centre.

    • LOL, you did remarkably well on that comment Mary. Normally it’s hard to understand what you’re saying. You need to find your own criticisms and stop pinching mine too. So unoriginal

    • Bloody whinging grammar police. I personally think your life must be so boring and under accomplished that grammar is your only major issue in life. I thought it was bullying to make fun of someone who may have a learning affiction. You dont know what a persons life is like so back off with the nasty comments on grammar

    • Allan Clune What proof do you have that they are all economic migrants. Even if they have money, they are still refugees….eg the Jews took heaps of money with them when they were escaping from the Nazis.

  3. The lateline interview was really good, the presenter really let Dutton have it. Dutton tried to blame the ALP, these Liberals can never take responsibility for anything they do and that is a sign of weakeness. Shut these concentration camps down or monitor them properly so people are given human dignity

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  4. One thing is for certain. Whatever decisions are made in regard to asylum seekers and detention centres will not please everyone. It is a problem not of our making and has it’s roots in the land from which these poor souls come.

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    • while I agree with you that no one will be happy, monitoring them correctly where ever they put them and have openess and transparency should be a priority

    • sorry Rod while they are being raped and child abuse is happening while they are in custody of Australia, it is our problem and is of our making, all this secrecy is just a veil to hide it

  5. Some of those people have been on those Islands for a couple of years without being processed.. how can they process them all in a week?

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    • Amazing isn’t it. I’ve never known a government to work that quickly on anything!

    • God you complain about them being locked up in them and you want them shut down….they are doing that and you are still carrying on….no satisfying you lot….

    • Um, of course we want them shut down, that’s why we don’t want the people locked up. Leaving them on their own wandering around Nauru is no solution, there’s nothing for them to do there

    • would you want your grandchild raped and sexually abused Judith Forbes ? no ? well why you think it is acceptable for other peoples children

    • Judith Forbes there you are again. The only way to shut Nauru down is to remove all refugees, give them the shelter they need, and send Transfield on its way not rejoicing. FYI. they are NOT shutting Nauru down. They are simply making all the refugees available to the rapists and criminal who are preying on them. You need to get a heart transplant.

    • Transfield should lose all government contracts over this. They don’t deserve to get any of our tax payers money

    • Judith Forbes you have morals of an alley cat none !! No one ever deserve to be abused and it is up to Government to make sure they are NOT !! Australian taxpayers are paying $2000 per person per day for the people to live in tents and be sexually assaulted

    • David James I doubt Judith would care if her grandkids were raped. She has no empathy for anyone. She’s a hard hearted person

    • You all whinge about these people being locked up
      They came illegally the same thing is happening to them in their own country probably by their relations and yet not one of you do gooders have ever said I will take a family and look after them you all just blame everyone else it must be so good to sit on the fence a blame everyone else

    • Lorraine Nancarrow McNamara there is no such thing as an illegal refugee, this Liberal Government made that up, it is not illegal to seek asylum

      1 REPLY
      • The international law on refugees is that they register in the first safe county they get to, these people went through many safe countries to get to Indonesia a safe muslim country and paid smugglers to take them to Australia after dumping all their paperwork and passports

    • It is if you can pay the exorbitant price to come in the back door it’s strange how refugees have no paper work on who they are I know I would not go any where with out identification

    • Lorraine Nancarrow McNamara we treat our pets better than we treat these people and many refugees flee without papers, if they can process the whole lot on Naru in a week, there was nothing to stop Government doing it years ago, instead they have illegally detained them and left them subject to abuse

    • Excuse me Lorraine, I have repeatedly said I’d take in some refugees. You might very well take ID with you, but if your home has been bombed, probably by us, you might not have any ID left. Your statements show you have no clue what it’s like to be in a war torn country. You’re very comfortable in your vacuum aren’t you

    • They didn’t forget to bring the moola so they could pay the smugglers, but they ALL
      Forgot thier I D’s STRANGE that one!!

    • many people fleeing have no id, they grab the kids and the valuables and run, but if they could process them in a week on Naru Allan Clune what the hell has this Government being doing for the last 2 years? sitting on their behinds and just letting these people rot

    • Why do people assume these refugees are dead beats? They were working people living normal lives until their homes and country were bombed. Contrary to what people think, the average price paid for a place on the boat is not thousands of dollars, it’s around $600.

    • Sue Todd if I was able to I would take you to court for that remark, you evil piece of crap….I would not stand for any child being raped even your children or grand children. There is no proof you only have the refugees word for anything and the do gooders that want these places shut down. When there is one hundred percent proof then we will talk……and Rozzy Battles the morals of an ally cat, well what a keyboard troll you are… more to be said. David James you do not deserve an answer either…..Carolyn Janson this is a sight for all, you have no more rights than me to be placing a comment on here remember that, also remember we are not all alike THANK GOD I would hate to be like some of you on here. Get used it people you will never stop me from my views any more than I can stop you.

    • They spend months organising the people smugglers to pick them up and take them where ever, mind with thousands of dollars….very well organised believe me.

    • everyone is wrong Judith Forbes according to you and you are right !! seek medical help now

    • Sue Todd, do you know what ON LINE BULLYING IS???? You should be very careful what you write from here on!!!!

    • Common Rozzy, stop with is not illegal to seek asylum argument, we know that, but it is illegal to enter this or any other country without authority. You are a refugee only to the country you first enter, after that you are an illegal country shopper and do not deserve any recognition for UN controlled resettlement.

    • Judith Forbes if you want to comment you are going to have to expect people who disagree with you will comment back and threatening people is not smart. None of these people sought you out, you came to Rozzy’s post. Now I am out of here this is getting way to nasty , have a good day

  6. I say send them back where they came from, they are illegals. The rapes, abuse etc. Is what is normal for them, why would we want them here.

    13 REPLY
    • many of these rapes have been committed by the people of Naru and Transfield staff have been involved too !!!

    • Here we go again! Seeking asylum is not illegal, and Abbott saying the word ‘illegal’ over and over has fuelled the hatred

    • Whether you think they’re illegal or not doesn’t change the fact their behavior leaves a lot to be desired. Why would you want scum like that living next door to you? Maybe you live on the harbour and know they wont be placed anywhere around your area.

    • Legal or illegal they came here threw the back door…..allegations of who was doing this mostly propaganda to get them shut down.

    • Denise Jones I guess the guards raping the women and abusing the kids is acceptable behaviour?

    • Rape is normal can you her yourself have some compassion if it was your child raped what would you say then, oh it’s normal that is a shocking attitude

    • Are you a keyboard teacher Sue Todd you have nothing better to say than learn to spell Judith, get over it who cares that you are miss perfect…NOT…

    • Proof……where is yours Sue Todd, oh that’s right you believe everything that comes out of refugees and do gooders mouths….

    • Denise Jones and Judith Forbes, I don’t know what made you pair so hateful but I seriously hope you both get help, because to have that kind of ‘sick’ thinking indicates you have both somehow, been psycologically damaged.

    • Nope, I’m just someone who gets irritated with illiterate people who can’t be bothered improving themselves. Stay an illiterate slob, see if I care

    • I was married to a Sri Lankan Judith, a Tamil. They had no reason to lie about what was happening there. You are a bitter old lady aren’t you

    • Look what you are saying, remember a previous comment you made this morning, that disgusting vial thing about my grand children that paged was taken down… are a vindictive person who loves to bully people. I am not a slob, nor am I a bitter old lady, and I am not illiterate… just can not stand it when other people have a different opinion to you. You are a Cyber bully, a keyboard troll, my best friend is Sri Lankan so again you know nothing……she and her family do not want these people here either…..I have never called you names, I have never said one bad thing about you but you on the other hand well I need not say any more. Lee Brown I would be careful what you say too after this morning.

  7. This is simply a windmill named Dutton flailing desperately, not knowing what to do. Nauru cannot settle all these people. They need to be brought here and compensated for the horrors inflicted on them with the connivance of the callous and stupid govt. It is NO solution.

    14 REPLY
    • Lovely compassionate person, aren’t you. Some are babies, born in Australia. All are genuine refugees, fleeing conditions you would die screaming in.

    • Send them back there Illegal economic migrants
      And had the money to pay people smugglers,
      They got rid of their I D papers, sick of this lot
      putting it over us. They came thru several country’s were they would be safe.
      Sick of all the Do Gooders Bleeding Hearts, and PC brigade.

    • Bloody hell. You have swallowed all the lies and ingested none of the truth. 4 lies in one short post. Do a bit of honest research, if you really want to know the facts – which I doubt.

    • There is no such thing as illegal refugee Allan Clune , all people from all countries have the right to seek refuge

    • What about illegal migrants? I won’t shut my gob. I will say what I want, the Muslims do
      I can spell. Correction THIER.

    • Or is bringing Refugeess that have no indenity into our Country. We are already have trouble with refuggees who want to kill us don’t you watch the news. How about we feel sorry for the Wife and Children who have been killed by a fifteen year old refugee who parents came here for a better life or was it to encourage trouble.

    • Allan Clune… Do you mean SHYTE?? The traitor tart, the one who spent gazillions of taxpayer $’s to play Gilligan on the high seas looking for more queue jumping, illegal country shopping, welfare leeches??? Yep that’s the scrag who can’t stop crying everywhere in public, on camera, hell, anywhere, how the hell did she ever get voted in?? She’s also fugly

    • Why do Australian people have to compensate these people…we are not the cause or the wrong doers… we don’t owe them…well I know I bloody don’t…

  8. I am happy that something positive seems to be happening and that these people at long last will be processed. Why it has taken so long? Who knows. They seem to have 3 alternatives – Nauru, Cambodia or go back home. I am happy with those alternatives. I am not in favour of these people settling in Australia. We have to send a clear message that if you want to come to our country then come legally – through the proper channels. I know that I am going to get flayed alive for saying this but it is my opinion.

    24 REPLY
    • you are happy with the rapes and child sexual abuse? did you go and look at the interview? this is being done in our name an no one is even being charged, these children will be disturbed for life. We should be demanding something is done to protect them

    • Debbie don you understand that apart from all this sexual abuse and rapes, a man has been murdered there and another one maimed for life ? Also that this Government sen a Syrian refugee back to a war zone , Syria, we are the only country in the world that sending them back to be killed

    • David James Some of them they say had bee there for three years. during that time did they make vegetable gardens, teach their children and try to improve their life and living standars themselves. All I have read on the subject is that they gave false names and they couldn’t be checked to make sure they were safe to enter Australia. I have heard about rapes child sex abuse within the camps . Now they have got a choice where to live. If they decide to stay in Nauru things mustn’t have been as bad as the media has made out. Not many people get a choice which country to live in and their are lots of refugees that are homeless.

    • I agree with you Debbie that is why this country is struggling to support its own people with cuts in Medicare , pensions etc coming soon. Look at Europe where they have the worst crisis since World War Two with all the people flooding in from elsewhere. Sorry but you have to draw the line somewhere and we do have to send out the message that No you can’t come here illegally. A lot of people apply and can’t get in here legally.

    • David Jamesre the rapes & child sexual abusers..are these done by staff, or detainees? If by staff, they should be prosecuted under Australian law….ditto if by detainees themselves & then sent back to their country of origin.

    • I love the way people assume that if we’re not spending money on the refugees then the government will spend more on health and other things that benefit Australians. That’s not going to happen under this government, they have no intention of wasting ‘their’ money on the general population

    • Not by me you won’t be flayed, and as for rapes and child abuse that is the Muslim way, Allah says they can take 6 year old brides.

    • I absolutely agree with you Debbie and I think some of the stories are overblown and not accurate.

    • Why are they fleeing to Europe? Because America, Russia and Australia are bombing the shit out of their country! You’d all just sit there and take your chances would you

    • If they can’t be truthful, then they can’t come in, I don’t mind who, as long as they go through the proper channels. I know pple who have worked in these places and the bleeding hearts and media send out the wrong messages. How about we house 20, 000 in your suburb. See how accepting you are then…

    • David James Thanks for putting the lateline up. Unfortunately even in Australia I can’t guarantee that my Grandchildren are not going to be raped or stolen. Three-year-old William Tyrrell is an example. Why did that man who went back to his country leave his wife and child there if it wasn’t safe? As far as the United Nations go they are pretty usless. I think Australia is doing a good job and like I said before these people that have been in detention centres are there because they tried to come into Aust through the back door. Even WW2 POW tried grown vegetables and making efforts to try to keep moral up. I sure they didn’t go around raping each other.

    • 100% agree with you debbie they dont fit in here and they bypass lots of muslim countries why ?? because then they get handouts

    • Well said Debbie. Seems the majority of us are in total agreement with you. There are the usual few bleeding hearts who can’t see further than the end of their moral noses.

    • I’m with you too. They should come legally. Once they’re here, they will be receiving money from our taxes which I think is unfair because many of the homeless
      Australians have
      doubled according to the report and do not receive enough money to support their needs from the government.

  9. An Election cometh so they clean up their act as usual so they can be seen as being humanitarian which is not true. But to get votes this will happen. We should not forget what Morrison did and Dutton is continuing with.!

    7 REPLY
    • This bigoted Government has to go.! We want human beings running our country. Not pretenders who bow and scrape and sell the place to foreigners to get a few bucks which they then waste. And this violation of human rights will have to go to the international court and Howard, Abbott, Morrison and Dutton should be tried and if found guilty of crimes against humanity then they should be jailed for a very long time.!

    • Surya Clark Tell that to the poor family whose Father and Husband was shot by a 15 year old refugee

    • That is very sad Cheryl but it is a one off action surely. It is like the people who bomb others they don’t know. they just walk in anywhere where they see Americans or Australians such as in the Bali bombings. I am not supporting that am i. I don’t see that i wrote that that was a good thing. Sure i think it is disgusting that it should happen to someones father. We also have to feel something for the kid who did the shootings family as well. No doubt they are suffering as well. Apparently the boy was a quiet kid and although not mixing much he was liked by his school mates.! Also in the news we read about the murders that have happened around Australia which are not associated with this terrorism business. What do we feel about the loss of those lives.!

    • Our illegal convenient war against Iraq cost the lives of 500 thousand innocent people. Is not that terrorism as well from our side. The good ole coalition of the willing i think they called it. And we failed again as we usually do when we follow and cow tow to the Americans and the new world order and just to steal like common thieves the Oil that they have under the ground and that is what they did, they stole the oil and are still trying to steal and we are a part of that. So, who the hell are we to talk about human values.! That little effort of Howards was a crime agains humanity of a very large scale. Do we not feel ashamed of that.!

  10. I can’t begin to understand the damage caused by this detention, especially on children. And then we give them 3 bad choices. I wonder what some would expect if they were in that situation.

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