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The media industry is abuzz with the word that Karl Stefanovic is about to sign a contract to become Australian TV’s highest paid TV host with a  potential doubling of his very well-rumoured pay packet to $1.5 million dollar per year contract with his home station Channel Nine.  And it leaves us asking… Do you think he’s worth it?  It comes at a time when the average person in media is struggling to retain their jobs let alone grab hold of a payrise.

The Daily Telegraph provided a list this week of the highest paid TV stars, with Stefanovic’s talked-up contract placing him at the top of the heap and it rather surprised us here.

  1. Karl Stefanovic  – $1.5 million per year
  2. Eddie McGuire – $1.3 million per year
  3. David Koch – $1 million per year
  4. Joel Madden – $1 million per year
  5. Ricky Martin – $900,000 per year
  6. Larry Edmur – $800,000 per year
  7. Peter Overton – $800,000 per year
  8. Lisa Wilkinson – $700,000 per year
  9. Tracy Grimshaw – $650,000 per year
  10. Scott Cam – $600,000 per year

The big bucks are going to the crowd-attracting personalities that lure media eyeballs to shows, and Karl is the pick of the crop.  The list is heavily male dominated, with a spattering of popstars too.

Are you a Karl fan?  What do you think of his rumoured new deal?  Let’s talk!


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