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Receiving a massage can relieve stress, tension, increase circulation as well as improve our mood. So why shouldn’t our furry companions get to experience one too?

In the video above, Ros Taber from Pawsitive Connection demonstrates  4 simple steps or “touches” to massage your dog using a technique called Tellington Touch.

Developed by internationally recognised animal expert, Linda Tellington-Jones, this method is based on cooperation and respect for animals and helps you to communicate with your pet. The technique involves circular touches, lifts and slides.

The first touch is called an ear slide. Start at the base of the ear and slide your hands along towards the tip, “very softly so it’s like running silk through your fingers”. This touch can also be done on dogs with pricked ears by starting at the base and pulling your fingers upwards towards the tip. Watch the video above for the full tutorial.

This method can also be used on cats.

Does your pet enjoy a good rub?

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