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Cockroaches can seem immortal sometimes – they are able to live for weeks without their heads and said to be able to survive a nuclear explosion! Even though they are said to be one of the cleanest creatures out there no one wants them in their home. Here are some ways to remove those pests from your house more effectively than if you were to blow it up….

Cockroach killer recipe

  1. Combine equal parts of sugar, borax and water in a bowl until you have a paste.
  2. Place the mix under the fridge, in cracks, under the sink or anywhere else you have seen roaches.

Do you have any other ideas for getting rid of pests?

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  1. I think there may be a missing ingredient here. how do you “spray” when this only says to use sugar and borax?

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    • It is a paste that you place small amounts of in various places. Nowhere does it say this is a spray. It would be more like a bait, such as the solid baits you place around the house.

  2. Ok we got rid of the roaches now the sugar brings ants

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    • I’ve recently heard of 1part icing sugar/1part bicarb to 2 parts water for ants. I put it in a shallow lid where they were coming into the kitchen (as instructed) and it got rid of them almost immediately. Yes, the sugar is supposed to attract but the bicarb kills them.

  3. Marlene, good question. Maybe water…

  4. P Do you have any other ideas for getting rid of pests?
    Well prevention is better than cure, when she rings the doorbell I refuse to answer. Then she phones my wife and saysshe knows we are home and open the door. Now the question is, will the above recipe work?

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  6. To keep ants away, I scatter cloves around behind jars and anything on the kitchen bench. It works. I was surprised and didn;’t believe it when I was told about it.

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    • I use cloves too NOLA and believe it also deters moths and silverfish in wardrobes.

  7. think I tried this recipe a few years ago – applied this paste here and there – didn’t notice a single dead cockroach as a result – and the paste dried into a hard yellow lumps that I just about had to chisel off to be able to remove.

    so what we do now – is let the daddy-long legs weave their spiders webs in corners of the kitchen – they seem to like eating cockroach eggs – and we rarely see a cockroach these days – all those babies are gone to spiders’ bellies – thank you very much !

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