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It’s my Alma Mater, Our Lady of Mercy College, Parramatta.

2015 marks the 50th anniversary of the year I left high school.

As hard as it is for me to believe, I walked out the gates of Our Lady of Mercy College Parramatta NSW, clutching my Leaving Certificate, 50 years ago.


Of course I was not alone. Between 1961, when we entered high school, and 1965, when we took our first steps “into the world” there were in fact 213 girls who formed “the Class of ’65”. To be specific, you are part of the Class of ’65 if you attended OLMC in:

  • 1961 – 1st year
  • 1962 – 2nd year
  • 1963 – 3rd year – the Intermediate Certificate
  • 1964 – 4th year
  • 1965 – 5th year – the Leaving Certificate.

It doesn’t matter if you were at the College for all or part of the above years, it would be wonderful to see you at our 50th Reunion Luncheon on Saturday, 15 August 2015 in the Banksia Room at Dooleys at Lidcombe.

Sadly over the years, we have lost contact with a many of our number; some like me moved states, some changed schools and some changed our names by marriage. I know I’m not the only one who didn’t notify the Ex-Students Association of my change of name/address.

Over to the Starts at Sixty community – can you help find the OLMC Parramatta Class of 1965?

Please email [email protected] or join the Facebook page.

Karen O’Brien-Hall (just drop the Hall and you have my OLMC name – but that is another story for another day).


Did you go to your high school reunion? What was it like to see all those familiar faces? do you know anyone from Karen’s school? Tell us below.

Karen OBrien Hall

Karen O'Brien-Hall followed many careers in her life and loved each one! From accountancy to the hospitality industry, from managing an employment agency to Executive Assistant to the Chairman of a multi-national, when she retired Karen was in Public Relations. Whatever her career path at the time, Karen is a lifelong volunteer. Married to "the love of my life", John, her second love is community theatre where she enjoys acting and directing. Karen enjoys time in her garden and can always finds time to read, around 8 – 10 books a month. Her reviews appear on Starts at Sixty, Goodreads,The Reading Room and her own page http://www.facebook.com/ReadingReadit

  1. Sorry, didn’t go there but attended St Johns Auburn, left in 1968. Remember playing sports against OLMC. I always admired your uniform, especially sports uniform, I thought the colours were lovely

  2. If you were in Year 12 at Balmoral SHS Brisbane in 1965 and would like to catch up feel free to contact me.

  3. Lots of girls change name, mainly due to marriage, which makes it difficult to find friends from our past. We are much easier to find if we put our maiden name, and in my case my previous married name, in the ‘other names’ field in our profiles.

  4. Good luck with your search Karen. My 50th reunion of my Matriculation year will be in 2018. Where did that time go?

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