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As we know first hand, true wisdom is something that can only be gained through many years of experience and research commissioned by Australian Hearing has confirmed this belief. Older Australians are the nation’s favourite source when it comes to seeking wisdom!

According to the research, 91% of Australians believe that older people are a trusted source of advice and find them particularly wise when it comes to philosophies of life, how to treat others and family relationship matters, (although unfathomably they didn’t fare so well on fashion and beauty tips!).

The big problem is, as we get older, we can experience changes to our communication, that are brought on by health issues, such as hearing loss.

This means that every day, there are valuable insights being lost, when they should be captured and treasured.

The Australian Hearing research found that older Australians have been teaching us some very important Pearls of Wisdom for many years, with the nation’s favourite top ten nuggets revealed……

Australia’s top ten Pearls of Wisdom

  1. If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.
  2. Good manners don’t cost a thing.
  3. Do unto others as you would like them to do to you.
  4. Money can’t buy you happiness.
  5. Practice makes perfect.
  6. You have to take the good with the bad.
  7. A smile will get you a long way.
  8. Life’s about balance.
  9. There’s no such word as can’t.
  10. What goes up, must come down.


However, the survey also revealed one third of Australians admitted to having received strange advice from an older person, which they put down to the older person’s inability to hear properly.

Seniors Week is a timely reminder to prioritise hearing health checks.   Australian Hearing urges everyone over 60 to get their hearing checked, so they will never miss the moments to share, guide and inspire younger people.

Australian Hearing has over 67 years of experience supporting people with hearing difficulties and offers FREE hearing checks for eligible people at its locations across the country.

For more information on your nearest Australian Hearing Centre, or to find out if you are eligible for Australian Hearing services, call 131 797, or visit

Tell us, what is the best Pearl of Wisdom you’ve learnt from someone else? Who is the wisest person that you know? Share your thoughts in the comments below…


This post was sponsored by Australian Hearing. The article was written independently by a Starts at 60 writer based on their own story and experience and we feel that it is of relevance and importance to the Starts at 60 community. For more information on hearing loss visit Australian Hearing.

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  1. An old friend told me to leave 3 things unsaid every day if you want a harmonious marriage. (I know I should have listened to him.)

  2. Was “What foes up”, someone’s inability to hear correctly?

  3. My darling mother’s favourite comment as she aged was, as she looked in a mirror, “this face does not go with this mind”. At 69 years of age I now know exactly what she meant. She retained a very sharp mind but the face was ageing.

  4. None So Deaf, As Those Who Will Not Hear!
    By Violet Apted

    Insidiously, at first unnoticed, the sound of silence entered my life. Invisible fingers of unreality probed their way into my sub-consciousness.

    ‘Why are you mumbling, when you talk to me? (Your fault?)
    ‘Turn the TV sound up. (Old film?)
    ‘Yes, of course I can see it is raining. (‘See’ not hear?)
    ‘No, I never heard the phone ringing. (Never rang?)

    Denial, anger and resentment set in. (Refusal?)
    ‘I’m not deaf! How dare you say I am deaf? (Non-acceptance)
    ‘Why is this happening to me? (Despair)

    Finally my fudged-up brain listens to the voice of reason echoing within. I need a hearing test! To prove there is nothing wrong with my hearing. (Still disbelief)

    ‘You need two hearing aids.’ The Audiologist’s words were loud and clear! My heart sank and tears filled my eyes.

    ‘I am deaf!’ (Reality strikes hard.)
    ‘I won’t wear hearing aids.’ (Stupidity)
    ‘ Maybe I should just try them? (Common sense)

    When my hearing aids were fitted, it was as if someone switched on my world. I could hear every word the Audiologist said to me clearly. I could hear the phone ringing in the other room and the rain hitting the windows. I thanked him when I left the office, tears of joy in my eyes. (Thankfulness)

    Making my way home, into my new world of sound, I knew I would never worry about having to wear hearing aids anymore. The difference it made for me was worth it. Differences, like turning the TV DOWN, listening to the kettle boiling; The phone ringing and hearing someone knocking on my door. Though the first time I flushed my toilet it made me jump. It is a moment I will remember, as it made me realize, just how quiet my world had become.

    My step is lighter! I wear a smile on my face! My confidence is restored. I can share a joke and listen to the chatter and laughter of my grandchildren. As a bonus I can switch on the sound of silence should I choose to do so, by removing the hearing aids. I did this when I was on a recent flight to USA. I shut out the noisy engines and all the passengers talking at once.
    Yes! I am deaf! But I am no longer a victim of my deafness

  5. A pearl of wisdom which I like the most- ‘Each word is priceless, so ,first, mentally weigh each word and then only give voice to it. ‘.

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