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Do you find yourself bobbing about like a parrot or climbing small hills to make yourself heard? Don’t worry, it’s not your hearing, it’s your mobile phone reception.

The good news is, a new report is keeping a close eye on the different telco networks, helping us make the best choice for our needs.

The second annual P3 CommsDay Mobile Benchmark Australia report pitched Telstra, Optus and Vodafone against each other in terms of voice and data (internet) performance in metro and rural areas around the country. It also measures things such as voice call quality and set-up time, and data download and upload speeds (including under peak load) and reliability.

The results, published on CHOICE, show that Telstra still provides the best network, then Opus and, finally, Vodafone.

While this is same ranking as last year, the report says that the gap between the top and bottom performers has narrowed significantly.

In other words – Telstra’s reign as the best network in Australia is under threat.

All three telcos have been working on upgrading and improving their networks, which can only be a win for us.

Vodafone has made the most improvements, the report finds.

The final score results are close: Telstra achieved 85% of the maximum score with Optus 78% and Vodafone 72% respectively.

CHOICE summarises the report findings here:

Telstra scored best in almost all categories. It was found to have consistently superior performance for voice and data both in major metro areas and more regional locations than the other providers.

Optus came in second and was found to have a very good result in most areas, and particularly good data performance on the highways.

Vodafone, although it came in third, was recognised for major improvements in network stability. The report found it did particularly well in metro areas, where the company has concentrated its network investments, and showed high-end speeds that were some of the fastest in the test.

Which network are you with and are you happy with your mobile phone coverage? 

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  1. I am very happy with my server and if anyone has prepaid this is worth a change. I went to Aldi and bought an Aldi sim for $5.00 you get $5.00 free phone credit with the sim, I bought $15.00 of credit and it lasts for 12 months before you have to renew. The reception is great it uses the Telstra lines and the phone calls are not expensive to make

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  2. When we go travelling in our camp trailer we always take a sat phone for emergencies. In our experience when you leave a country town you lose reception. So if you break down there is a good chance that your mobile will not work. We found this even on the New England Highway and that is not exactly remote.

  3. I’ve known this for ages. A fishing guide mate of mine says “if you have Telstra 4g and Apple you get coverage everywhere”. Yes he is on the water 240 days a year in FNQ, Gulf of Carpentaria and Kimberleys and I for one knows his phone rings all the time. B|

  4. After we moved to a new home, my husband had very poor reception and was told by provider that we were in a black spot so perhaps we should move!! Whereas my provider just switched towers for my phone – problem solved for me.

  5. There is no comparison when living in rural areas and traveling, Telstra runs rings around the competition.

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  7. Been travelling nearly 3 years & Telstra is the definitely the best. Have had help others to make calls as they have had no service when we have had 4 or 5 bars. We use CB radio if we need but also handy to find out road conditions etc from. The truckers. Also we get Telstra internet even when there is no ph service. We are going to buy extra aerial for boosting our internet signal. Then you can get better internet when further from repeater stations. This way we have phone, strong internet & CB radio to get help should we need it

  8. Why wouldnt Telstra have the best outcomes? I still owns most , if not all of the hardware doesn’t it – ie poles & wires or whatever its called/

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