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Earlier this month Helen Mirren proved that age shouldn’t mean you can’t look fabulous. Helen Mirren wore a vivid blue, lace dress to the opening night of “An American in Paris” and she looked incredible.

While some critics aren’t so fond of the choice in shoe, they love the overall look. In each of the photos she’s smiling and in somewhat of a rarity for Helen Mirren, they’ve caught her cuddling up to her film director husband with a look of blissful happiness on her face – so lovely!

So take a look at the photos below and tell us, what do you think of the outfit? Are you a fan?











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  1. She looks fabulous as always. Why do people concern themselves so much with what others are wearing?

  2. good grief….some people seriously need to get a life….she looks amazing….the dress is gorgeous and the shoes match….anyone should look that good at 69 years of age….

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