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The other day I was in the busy supermarket carpark, looking for a spot, as you do. I saw one but it had a shopping trolley in it from a shopper who ditched it. I parked my car for a moment in front of the park while I shifted the trolley, but not before I had a man shaking his head at me and another lady giving an audible grunt my way! It wasn’t my trolley, and I was doing what anyone else would. This minor annoyance was only multiplied when I walked into the supermarket and a rude lady in her 60s reached over my hand as I tried to grab a basket. She couldn’t wait the three seconds for me to get one. I couldn’t believe it.

I then went to bag up some cherries and there was a woman grabbing them with her hands and taking samples. She made me feel so appalled that I grabbed a plastic bag and turned it inside out as I touched the cherries, just to show her what was acceptable etiquette. She was too busy chewing her cherries to notice.

This is just one example of the many I can think of about how rude the older generation is getting. Some say it is the younger generations we need to worry about – you hear, “they have no manners” “they’re so rude” – but it is us. For a generation of people who have lived lives full of experiences and have seen it all, we sure don’t like to show it. We are a grumpy, intolerant bunch at the best of times, and I’m just going to say it: we’re a group of know-it-alls. The woman who was bagging her cherries with her hands probably didn’t have a care in the world for the other people who would come by next, and why should she? She knew better and was owed something…she had every right! She was old! A few months ago, I saw a woman at the corner store slam her groceries down and get incredibly angry at the attendant, who was just doing his job. She was in a terrible mood and was going on about how the prices had changed. Maybe she was having a bad day, but that is no excuse to be rude and horrid.

I’ve been grumpy from time to time but I’d never take it out on innocent strangers. Us over 60s are always so quick to judge others but we hardly take a look at our own behaviour. I love the feeling of making someone smile and do not take pleasure in hurting someone in anyway, though I can’t talk for everyone. I genuinely believe some seniors have forgotten how to be kind and how to treat others how they would like to be treated. The world owes you nothing just because you’ve been living for 60, 70, 80 years. Rather, you owe it to this world to spread some sunshine and happiness instead of grumbling and feeling sorry for yourself. They don’t call our generation grumpy old men and women for no reason….


What do you think? Do you agree with this writer? Have we forgotten how to treat others? Tell us below.

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  1. I don’t think that kind of grumpy behavior is limited to over 60’s, I was recently abused by a young man who told me I was pushing my over filled trolley “the wrong way”, it had a wonky wheel and I was lucky to be pushing it at all without damaging myself or cars!! After he called me a few choice names like “you stupid old bag” he sauntered off.. no offer of help, just abuse!!

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    • yes, sad hey? And the trouble is he hasn’t been taught right…I feel sorry for them too, and all we can do is hope the parents and the people like him get the message one day…

  2. We don’t know what people have ‘happening’ in their lives. Sometimes the abuse or attitude we cop is just the last straw for them. Personally I try to be helpful and considerate if at all possible, but also I have my grumpy days. I find people my age (60s) are more cranky and rude than young people. Hard to do, but giving out a positive grateful attitude can at least help you to buffer yourself from the angst of others.

  3. I agree with the writer. The other night I observed bad behaviour from an older woman who was getting served at a counter by a bewildered young man – who I might add was only doing his job. What also gets to me are the people who drive the small electric people movers – everyone has to scatter! Ive also seen someone knocked down by one of them.

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    • When I see someone being rude to a shop attendant I always try to cheer the attendant up and praise them for the work they are doing

  4. There are some grumpy “older” people, but I dont think my entire generation can be held responsible for the ills of society, those coming behind us had to learn their (bad) manners and (lack of) consideration somewhere or from someone.

  5. Very few people show patience, tolerance or compassion for anyone other than themselves.

  6. I don’t think it is just over 60’s either, your lumping us all into the one basket. I am not as tolerant as I was when I was young but I would never lower myself to be rude to people in supermarkets or anywhere else nor do I run around judging others

  7. We have always had a mixture but I do think if we all try harder it helps make a difference. I find the more you smile and connect to people the more they relax and respond the same way. I feel things are catching if you allow it the grumps and rude people spread so spread a kindness and a smile it works more often then not.

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    • This is my attitude, too, Dianne! Do unto others, etc!

  8. I’m not a grumpy person & I try to help people a much as I can but some people are born Rude & Grumpy have a happy day everybody

  9. Oh, I think that is abit of a generalization? We all get cranky at times but it’s how you handle yourself in those times that define you as a person! Some of the posts on this site back up this article and yes there does seem to be a lot of unhappy, cranky over 60’s around! I have decided that is their problem not mine BUT these days I will asnswer them back truthfully rather than trying to pour oil on troubled waters! Many are just unhappy with their own lives. Mind I agree with a lot of the above posts cranky is not just an over 60’s problem!! Look around so many people are angry………..it could be called “the angry times”! Why, who knows we have do much and yet most want more?

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  10. When I finish work each day I catch the local bus home & so do the kids from a private school near the hospital I work at, a lot of older people catch this bus as well after being at the hospital, the way that the older people speak to these kids is disgusting a lot of the time, the attitude that they show these kids is awful, the kids don’t sit & always give up seats, I think if older people want to be treated with respect from younger people they need to also show respect as well.

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    • Well said Lyn, spot on. I’ve never had any trouble with the younger generation, you reap what you sow. I think maybe our memories are short sometimes. What were we like as teenagers? No different I’m sure.

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