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Hair is always hard to manage. With age comes different hair styles and colours. You may try everything you can to keep your hair looking young and fresh however it doesn’t always work. New shampoo, conditioner, gels and treatments can cost you a fortune and sometimes damage your hair.

Sometimes it is the smallest things that can make the biggest difference. It’s always good to get a fresh haircut as well as know what hair tricks can keep you looking young.

Below is the top 10 hair tricks that help you look younger and feel good too:


1. She BANGS


If you’ve never had them, know that bangs work Botox-like wonders in disguising forehead wrinkles. “They also make your hair appear fuller, which helps deflect from thinning,” says celebrity hairstylist Ric Pipino, who works with Elle Macpherson and Fergie.



2. Try a ponytail


Positioning your ponytail at just the right angle can give you an instant face-lift. To get the perfect high pony, start by putting your pointer finger at the very top of your head. Then measure one pinky-length back from there and secure your hair here for a sleek, classic look.



3. Brighten up

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Bring out the colour in you and add flare to your hair colour. It’s always great to see a woman who has a hair colour that stands out. Bright colours also shows the fun side in you, keeping you funky and energetic.


4. Stay to one side


A soft tip: shift your part to the side and make it slightly zigzaggy, which creates an effortless look that (bonus!) hides greys and roots.



5. Blondes have more fun

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You may notice older women cover their grey with blonde. This is because blonde hair blends better with gray as it grows in than dark hair does. It’s also because dark hair can emphasise the lines on your face, according to stylist Brad Johns in Charla Krupp’s book, “How Not to Look Old”.  If you have gone all grey, consider becoming a blonde rather than a brunette. You’ll have to update your roots less often.



6. Sexy bob


A sexy bob can bring out your gorgeous bone structure. As for colour, the beauty is in the contrast; combining a light brown base with golden highlights can really bring our skin tone.



 7. Bring your curlers back


Soft curls help to shape the face and helps to relax the look of your hair. Low-maintenance hair means to lightly curl the ends of your hair. This helps to keep it look fresh and energetic. Try not to keep the hair curlers in for too long as it can damage your hair; be gentle with your curls.


 8.  Layered

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Face-framing layers retain the look of longer hair without the limpness. The side-swept bangs minimise a high forehead. Streaks of buttery blond add extra oomph.



9. Get the bob

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Bob hairstyles are a chic choice on older women because they tend to look good on all face shapes and it keeps women looking younger and fresh. The bob is for all ages as it provides sophistication and class.



10. Embrace your texture


“A cut that’s shoulder-length or shorter is the most youthful – any longer, and your hair starts to balloon around your head, which piles on the years,” says hairstylist Tippi Shorter, whose clients include Jennifer Hudson and Mary J. Blige. This hair type also needs a serious wallop of moisture to prevent it from getting dry and brittle (an instant ager)



Do you use these hair tricks OR have this current hairstyle? What makes you look younger? Tell us more below!

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  1. I noted the absence of curly hair. The colour thing applies to all of us but there’s no ideas for us curly tops. The only way to go in a Qld summer is short and neat to beat the heat. My friend asked for a ‘cool’ hairdo and was given a short, spikey moussed style when all she wanted was something to keep her from dying of heat stroke!

  2. It is a pity that you are not embracing grey at all!

  3. Women over FIFTY should not wear shoulder length hair – in My opinion! Shorter the better for youthful looks. I

    6 REPLY
    • you are kidding aren’t you? my girlfriend is 70 and still has her lovely long dark hair, I myself keep my blonde hair to the shoulders… good grief….
      so in my opinion I disagree with you….

    • My hairdresser says the opposite, she said as women age they should wear a bit of length to soften the face & I know with me very short hair now makes me look harder & masculine.

    • Interesting. I don’t know one older woman with long hair, unless she wears it up, who doesn’t look much older than her age. But we all have different shape faces and some definitely have more wrinkles than others.

    • I hardly know many women over fifty with really short hair… Wear your hair as long or as short as you like and to hell what others think.. If it is worn very short then you have to keep,getting it trimmed more often to retain the style which means more trips to the hairdressers which costs more money so naturally a lot of hairdressers will tell you to keep it very short as it is more money in their pockets. I think some women look dreadful with really short hair…

  4. Some lovely hairstyles there,just because we are over 60 it doesn’t mean we have to have old lady hair styles, a lovely modern style always makes you look fresher, one of those styles I love & have saved it, thanks

    1 REPLY
    • Good on you Lyn. I totally agree.

  5. I have long curly hair which I love! I have it trimmed regularly and coloured but I’m seriously thinking of letting it just go grey! Last colour I had blue streaks! Hey if you don’t like it dont look!

  6. I have a bob but can also part on the side which makes my hair look thicker (it’s baby fine). Also have 6-8 foils every 3-4 months and it looks pretty ok for me st 65.

    3 REPLY
  7. Mine has always been short and naturally curly, so don’t have much choice in hair styles. I recently stopped colouring it and am now all grey (silver grey as my grandson calls it)

    2 REPLY
    • I started letting my hair go grey two years ago. Cut it fairly short, then shorter. The feeling of FREEDOM – no dyes, worrying about grey roots, etc. I always coloured and cut my own hair and still cut it myself. Have only let a hairdresser cut my hair about four times in 40 years, but not for about 15 years, as I’m never happy with how it turns out. Have saved myself a fortune, as I gave my three children haircuts until into their teens.

    • True Sandra, no dyes etc to worry about. I also coloured my own hair. I have to find some one to cut my hair but it wouldn’t be the first time that I went home and had to recut it myself. Not all hairdressers can cut naturally curly hair

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