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Let’s be honest: the days where we could compare our frames to the mannequins are well behind us.. or are they? We’re used to seeing stick thin mannequins craned in positions we could never aspire to be, but now, one Australian retailer is set to change that.

Target have come out today and announced they will roll out size 16 mannequins across 49 stores.

InsideRetail reports the mannequins, which have been produced specifically for Target, will be first launched at its Chadstone store today then nationwide.

In an overhaul of their stores, this is just the first step in improving the customer experience, including beauty advisors, cafes, photo kiosks, clothing alteration, and click and collect.

Stuart Machin, Managing Director at Target Australia, believes that initiatives like the mannequins are a small but vital step in continuing Target’s promise to make quality style and fashion not only more affordable but also more accessible and relevant for women.

“The average customer is a size 14, so it’s baffling that the Australian retail industry still uses a standard size 8 mannequin when we are merchandising product. We want to change the way Australian retailers represent women, and we hope that these mannequins will help to start a new conversation in the fashion industry, and trigger some change”.

“We know how important it is to be accessible for real Australians. We’ve always tried to cater for all sizes – from introducing our petites line with our Dannii for Target range right through to the Belle Curves collection that caters for women up to size 26. The real-sized mannequins will take this commitment to diversity one step further, by helping everyday women to accurately see what clothes will look like on themselves and on a body that they can identify with,” Machin said.

In addition to their great new size 16 mannequins, I personally noticed this image on their Instagram photo, with no fan fare around it – perhaps because older women are one of Target’s main customers!

A printed skirt is a statement piece that works perfectly on a Monday 🎯❤️ #TargetStyle

A photo posted by Target Australia (@targetaus) on

The comments on the post were all positive, saying it was great to see an older model in their catalogues. Here’s hoping other stores take their lead.


Tell us, is it about time Target and other retailers had larger mannequins? Will you shop there more often now?

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  1. Really like Target but they have changed their sizing. I used to buy size 10 or 12 but now have to buy size 14 and yet I am the same as I was last year (unless my eyes are deceiving me)!! I met someone else in the store not long ago who said the same thing.

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  2. I have been into (new) Target, twice, in the past 3 weeks. Both times, someone was complaining about the lack of more realistic sizes. I now join the complaints! Target have changed their sizing( regardless of their denials)Larger sizes ( in anything) especially sleepwear, are almost non existent. If Target were to concentrate on having decent fashions for those bigger (& taller ) than the norm, instead of building bigger, better (they think) stores, happy customers would result! Clothing made in Indonesia & other parts of Asia, ARE NOT THE SAME SIZING!! My trips to Target will now be under sufferance!

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