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When I had my children, it was just my husband and I in the room with the midwife – I didn’t ask the grandmothers or grandfathers to come into the room for the birth, but a recent conversation with a friend made me think about grandparent etiquette at the birth.

The friend said that she and her mother went to the hospital, while the dad stayed at home with her other child. She felt more comfortable having her mum there with her, as her partner had been very nervous (and unhelpful) the last time around.

It made me think about Starts at 60 readers – have you been in the delivery room when your grandchild was born? A quick search around the internet finds that many new mums are opting for their own mum to be in the room, and toy maker Fisher-Price even offers their own advice about how to broach the subject if you haven’t yet had the green light to come in:

“If you are interested in being there for the birth of your grandchild, discuss the possibilities with your daughter. In all the excitement, she may not have thought about it. Assure her that you’ll do whatever makes her feel the most comfortable. Let your desires be known, then follow hers”.

But sometimes, a mother’s presence can be the last thing a hormonal pregnant woman wants – they just want the baby out and don’t want to discuss the pros and cons of an epidural.


So we want to know today: Were you in the delivery room when your grandchild was born? Or should grandparents stay out? 

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  1. I went in for 2 of my grand kids birth , was the most amazing experience ever . 🙂

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    • Me too.all but 1 of my grandies birth. My daughter was very dissapointed I wasnt able to be there for the the birth of her daughter.

  2. I was very fortunate to be present in labour/delivery room for birth of our first two grandchildren and waiting outside operating theatre for birth of third premature granddaughter. My girls requested I be there and couldn’t have asked for more. Absolutely loved each precious moment xo

  3. I am a very lucky Grandma. I was fortunate enough to be invited to be present for the birth of all 4 of my grandchildren….and I have to say apart from giving birth to my children it was the most joyous thing I have ever done.

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  4. I would have liked to be there, but as they had their husbands, they didn’t need me. This wax their decision and I am fine with it.

  5. No, I wasn’t in the delivery room when my 2 grandkids were born, but my daughter in law’s husband (my youngest son) & her mum were both there.

  6. Pfft! I had 4 natural and one Caesarean ALL without family or friend support. Dads just didn’t get in the labour ward in those days.

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    • my mum was with me when i had my daughter 40 years ago , lol , my hubby was away on business at the time .

    • I had the first 4 by 1970 and the Caesar in ’77. Mind you it was an emergency job as he was placenta praevia and I had a hemorrhage at home. By 1977, they were only just starting to allow fathers in and it wasn’t encouraged here. Since I don’t have a daughter, I never expected to be present at the grandchildren’s births.

  7. Lord no! She swears enough as it is. My daughter was in England when she had my grandson. I knew she was in labour because I had terrible pains myself! She said she didn’t know why I had pain….she didn’t ….she had an epidural!

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