“Go home, old people”: Does the attitude in this letter to the editor make you sick? 618



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A Herald Sun letter to the editor is doing the rounds on social media and shows blatant disrespect for the older generation.

While it doesn’t say how old ‘Beverly’ from Murrumbeena is, we can only assume she is younger than 60 and is doing her nut in about something quite ridiculous:

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Beverly works 9-to-5 and clearly doesn’t want us ‘oldies’ in the shops with her because clearly we don’t have anything better to do! It’s not like any of us have grandchildren, are still working ourselves, volunteer or do a number of other things during the day, just like everybody else.

It’s this lack of respect and understanding of the older generation that really makes us upset by this letter to the editor.

Sure, we mightn’t be the fastest at the register, or maybe some more elderly people have trouble walking at the lightning speed this woman wants to go, but we certainly don’t deserve to be ridiculed like this.

The comments on social media about this letter (particularly this post) range from calling out Beverly for her ignorance, to agreeing with her.

Here’s a selection of the better comments:

  • There should be more laws to make life easier for Beverley. Don’t forget, it’s Beverley’s world. -Everyone else is just visiting. (And how dare elderly people live with autonomy!)
  • Beverley should shop online so we won’t have to tolerate impatient aggressive behaviour.
  • Not everyone who is older sits around at home. My grandmother is in the 70s, she works with my mother as a chef, she volunteers at a nursing home, she picks up my daughter from school and cooks and cleans up after 3 other adults.. she doesn’t need to plan her shopping trips around people like Beverly.
  • Old people as she refers to them have paid their dues and earned their rights to do what ever they want.


Today, we want to know: what you would say to Beverly?

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  1. All I can say is stupid selfish bitch

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    • so right your reply – what a cheek of this so called Beverley – yeah she is a macca – get a life you idiot Beverlye – wait till you are old, but probably LOOK older because of her moaning

    • I hope this girl does not have a stroke at 69 and suffer with 2 types of arthritis as I have in the last 9 months as well no husband has had shingles and not in good health and have this type of unbelievable said against her, we sometimes have been at hospital appointments all day, we have no close family to shop for us and have to still eat. is this girl a new Zealander

  2. Well I wonder where you will be when you are old / hope it’s in a mental hospital somewhere / how dare you make these remarks about our elderly x they could teach your thing or too and the first would be about ignorance

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  3. What about the young people that hold us up during the day talking on their mobile at the check out ? Do we ban them till after five?

  4. I’m glad Beverly is not my daughter or granddaughter but if she was i hope that she would have been taught respect for other people especially the elderly

  5. You shop earlier or later Beverly. You go home. From what I read on social media the other day, written by some young people I have known since they were in high school, the majority think they are better, smarter and now faster than us. News Flash! You’re wrong as well as disrespectful.

  6. The trouble with the younger generation today is that think there is not enough time in the day to get everything done. Thats why they speed in their cars, take stupid chances while driving and cause others to have accidents, text and talk on their mobile phones while driving. Technology is driving them crazy, thank god I had a life before technology. You need to survive in the slow lane “Beverly” – CHILL OUT.

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    • But the older ones think we all have all day to achieve our tasks. BTW I am in my sixties

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      • ??????gosh, I thought we all have the same number of hours in a day?? Not being able to accomplish all the tasks in the day has been a challenge for humans for as long as they have been around… That’s why someone came up with the idea of “organising” the tasks and the day!!! There’s a libraries full of books written on the subject, I’ve read/ studied a few of them and interestingly none of them mentioned anything about old people being the cause or contributors to this challenge. I wonder why if so many younger people, including the “60’s” group seem to believe this to be the case! Puzzled 75 ish.

    • You don’t live in my household, I’m in the latter part of my sixties. Once you get past 60 the pace picks up, the younger generation have no idea.

  7. These people have to get old oneday hope they get treated how they want to treat older people they have know respect and selfish young people they would not help anyone just to selfish

  8. Not much to say to Beverley except shop online. However, to Starts at Sixty, I do wish your writers would edit before posting! So annoying. You say Beverley has a lack of disrespect. Doesn’t make sense.

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    • I just hope there is a “Beverly” around for Beverly when she reaches her old age!

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    • I agree with Faye. Articles should be edited before posting. So glad I’m not the only one who feels this way! lol

    • Faye and Linda, there in nothing wrong with what the writers say if you read the article again they say “shows blatant disrespect” and further down ” it’s this lack of respect” doesn’t say lack of disrespect at all…..don’t become proof readers please….. 🙂

  9. Disrespectful….it’s all about me attitude. If I am in line or even been at the Dr and have seen someone in a hurry i have put them in front of me if I am not in a hurry myself……..we do have busy lives ourselves with minding grandchildren appointments volunteering etc etc and admittedly move much slower these days but we do have a right to shop when we like.

  10. What she is saying is clear the way, I’m coming into the shop, I’m more important than anyone else, I don’t want interruptions or delays to my day. So all the oldies shop in their own time, not hers. She sees herself above everyone else.

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