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Costco is the giant American retailer that has hit Australian shores. There are now massive warehouses in Victoria, New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory and Queensland with more in the pipeline for other Aussie states. But why is there all the hype and excitement for just a store?

Because it is unlike anything we’ve had here previously. If you’re an Aldi shopper, you will be accustomed to cheap prices and bulk buying but the benefit of Costco is the big brand names. They have all of our favourite products at much cheaper prices and you don’t have to sacrifice brand loyalty to get them.

We’ve looked around for some of the more interesting things that you can get from Costco and we were pleasantly surprised… Here are eight things we found that after one visit will basically redeem the $60 membership fee in savings:

  1. Glasses. Costco has optometrists in store so as long as you are a member, you can enjoy vision tests and buy prescription glasses at heavily discounted rates.
  2. Hearing Aids. Alongside the optometrist, Costco’s health services also include an audiologist. You can take a hearing test and be fitted with hearing aids at almost half of the price you can pay elsewhere.
  3. Fuel. Some of the Australian Costco’s have a “gasoline station” at the store offering discounted fuel at about 15 cents per litre cheaper than the average current price.
  4. Clothes. Costco sells all of our favourite brand names – Nike, Tommy Hilfiger and Fila are just a few. They are quality clothing and at prices much cheaper than you would find in our other big name retail stores.
  5. Party supplies. While Costco is known for the vast array of big brand name grocery supplies it stocks, the real food find lies in what you can get for party season. You can buy deli platters, dessert plates, prepackaged sweet treats and party snacks in bulk. Great for Christmas!
  6. Household basics. We can buy generic branded basics anywhere, but at Costco you can get household items by your favourite brands for generic prices! Stock up on toilet paper, paper towels, olive oil, salt and pepper, spices, detergents and cleaning products.
  7. Technical supplies. If you need a printer, laptop, TV or any accessories like ink, connection cords and other gadgets to go with it, you can find reliable brands heavily discounted at Costco.
  8. Lunch. Costco has a food court that sells some great snack foods like pizza, hot dogs, wraps, smoothies and pies for less than $5 for a combination meal! So after your shop you can enjoy a bite to eat on your way to the car.

So there are some of the best finds at your local Costco. Tell us, have you shopped at Costco before?

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  1. Unfortunately, our nearest “Local” Costco is about three hours drive away from us – sort of spoils things a little!

  2. About every 2 months we do a “full shop” at Costco – actually have just come back from there today. But you MUST go there with a list, otherwise you’ll end up buying, just coz its a good price !!
    Their fish & beef – fabulous quality. Their prices are great for books, chocolates, toys but beware …. you can get a bit carried away. And I need to be mindful, just coz its a great bargain – where the heck in an apartment am I going to store 55 rolls toilet paper !!

  3. I just got back – their ready roast chickens are fantastic and cheap. I love the high quality fruit and veg. Meat fish and cheese are good quality and cheap. My dogs love the pigs ears and other dog treats. The frozen pizza dough is very handy although their ready made pizzas which are great have to be cut into four to fit into my oven. Their tyres are also cheap. Can you tell I love Costco.

  4. For single customers, bulk buying is not practical!

  5. WHY NOT IN PERTH !!!?? 🙁
    We have to pay more for everything because of only having 3 major stores who run the state & command their ridiculous prices – coles, woollies & IGA.
    If Costco & Aldi were to open here this would truly shake up “the big 3 ” into fairer pricing.
    The best we’ve had so far is a local chain called SPUDSHED who specialize in all locally grown fruit,veg.,meat + lots more frozen food incl. fish. Their prices are so good e.g. potatoes 49c per kilo – I love this store & can tell there are a few grumpy,mumblings from the big 3 as their fruit & veg. prices aren’t quite as high as they used to be before Spudshed opened – not coincidence, me thinks!
    So come on Costco & Aldi – give all of us in W.A. a chance that it will be appreciated if & when you open stores here.

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