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If there’s one thing you’re going to handmake this holiday season, avoid the generic store-bought Christmas cards and opt for one of these creative ideas.

Make the most of your old materials, fabrics, paint, string and decorations! Be productive this Christmas and make your own Christmas cards.

Here are the top 15 DIY cards you can make:


1. Thumb-paint card


Use your own fingers to make this card or your grandchildrens’! Get creative. Use permanent marker to draw the chords for the lights.


2. Hand-drawn card

hand drawn

Sometimes simplicity is key. Personalise your card and decorate the card with beautiful imagery.


3. Felt card


Do you have leftover felt at home? Make the most of the materials you have and stick it to your card!


4. Nail polish card


Who would have guessed nail polish? Get your nail polish bag out and use your Christmas colours.


5. Hand card



Use your own hand or your grandchild’s hand to trace the hand print. A great way to gift a personalised card.


6. Ribbon card


Everyone has leftover ribbon! Use your pretty ribbon, poke small holes in the card, and thread through your ribbon.


7. Colourful button cards


What a funky way to make a card! Get your sewing basket out and decorate this card with colourful buttons.


8. Wreath card


Use herbs or plants from your garden to get creative with this card! Use ribbon to tie the wreath to your card.


9. Paper decorations


If you have any coloured paper at home cut-out different shapes to decorate your card.


10. Embroidery card


This idea is simple but also very adorable. Use a pencil to provide direction for when you start to sew your embroidery on.


11. Leftover wrapping paper


You must have left over wrapping paper from birthdays and Christmas! Use your old wrapping paper and cut out different shapes and sizes. Use string or ribbon to add emphasis and glue on the different shapes.


12. Hand sewn card


Bring back your sewing skills!


13. Paper bag/envelope card

paper bags

If you have any brown paper envelopes or pop down to the store! Use also other materials and fabrics that are at home to add decoration to the card.


14. Finger paint card


Get your grandchildren involved! Use paint and finger prints to decorate these cards.


15. Sparkle sparkle card


If you have any sequins left at home, just sew them on!


What do you think of these DIY Christmas cards? Do you make your own cards? Tell us more below!

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  1. I wrap everything in Terry Teatowels instead of wrapping paper, a habit I got from my mum, You toss wrapping paper out but you can always use a teatowel for something. So I may as well make my own cards..thanks

  2. I only went through my supplies of christmas cardstock this morning…..very timely ideas. MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone.

  3. I still send xmas cards. Posted them yesterday.
    I don’t make them myself. By the time you buy all the bits and pieces it averages out at around $1 per card. When I can buy 12 for $2 , it means I stick to the store bought ones.

  4. I hand make all my Christmas cards, also for my 93 year old Mother-in Law. My friends tell me they look forward to seeing what creation they get each year.

  5. I had planned to have my Xmas cards made by Dec 1st but somehow I lost the motivation/mojo. Will be interesting to see just who 9if anyone) gets a card from me. But will it be missed anyway?

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