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One minute Coles want to bring back the checkout chick, and the next they announce a completely radical checkout change that could do away with staff altogether.

The other day we reported Coles’ plan to wind back its strategy of pushing us towards self-service checkouts, and reinstate actual humans to check out our groceries. It seems this plan has changed direction somewhat.

Australian Financial Review reports Coles have taken the supermarket wars to another level by rolling out self service checkouts with conveyor belts in their stores.

If they want to stop pushing us to self service registers, why would they put in even bigger ones? We’re as confused as you are.

Nevertheless, the rolling self service checkouts have already been spotted in two Melbourne stores, and look much like a typical human register except you still bag your own groceries.

Coles have not said how quickly the belt concept could be rolled out across its network or whether it would replace the standard DIY checkouts.

AFR believes no new staff with be recruited for the human component of Coles’ new plan, or for their self service conveyor belts.

Coles said the new self service machine after customers complained that the DIY bays were too cramped and difficult to use for large shops.

Coles operations director Andy Coleman said, “We’ve always had staffed checkouts available but we are also always looking at new ways to help customers shop at Coles”.


We want to know today: Would you give conveyor belt self service checkouts a go or does it sound like too much effort? Would you prefer to be served by a human?

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  1. We have a lot of unmanned and hybrid yes they call them that checkouts in the uk, I always choose human. Preserving jobs.

  2. Absolutely NO WAY, I refuse to use them now because I have been telling the FEW staff they have that it will end in all of them losing their jobs, although they say it will never happen, it looks like my concerns have been realised.

  3. Give me human interaction any day ! Refuse to use the self serve now ! Will change my shopping venue if need be , can’t beat a smile and a chat at the checkout !!

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    • Hard to extract a smile from many of our Coles checkout operators! We find we always have to do the hard yards!

    • Me too, I would rather be late than go to a self serve. The checkout ladies (older) are nothing but polite and helpful around here. The young ones aren’t given proper instruction on how to behave towards customers.

    • i refuse to use it too.I feel it is taking away our young peoples jobs….and like others have said, for some it is a social interreaction

    • I refuse to use the self serve also. I have written to Coles and Woolworths and told them the same thing and also mentioned that the staff are their biggest asset, its called customer service. I too will leave coles if they go ahead with this idea, I will switch to IGA or Aldi . The local IGA near me is not thinking of getting self service so I was told as they valued their customers. I have heard from other friends who shop at ALDI that they still don’t have self service.

    • My local IGA now has self-checkout as well as staffed ones and the Coles I go to at Southland has had one of the conveyor belt self-checkouts for months now and I refuse to use it.

  4. Sounds fabulous. Love self serve but are a little crowded for a big shop. Hate standing in line while every one has a little chat. I go to get groceries & get out not to socialize

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    • I too like to get in and out of the supermarket (and any shops) as quickly as possibly. However I am also aware that there are many lonely people who really do feel a connection with their check out people and losing them would be another reduction in their socialisation opportunities. Keep the human contact, please!

    • Glad someone on here agrees with me. I use the self serve as much as possible. Have very few problems with it. I too don’t go to the supermarket for a chat, I go to shop. In and out as quick as I can. Perhaps all the people who want to stop and chat to the checkout staff are the ones making the lines longer as everyone has to wait for them to finish their conversations.

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