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With the elections in the air, many are talking about who they would want in the government. But what if you had the power to pick anyone to form a fantasy government?

Some people said that if it were completely a fantasy, they would choose Canada’s Justin Trudeau to lead as our Prime Minister.

Others say that Julie Bishop has done a consistent job in foreign affairs and her experience in government makes a her a perfect prime candidate.

But not all suggestions were of a serious nature. Even Kermit The Frog emerged as a favourite ‘candidate’ and before you laugh, you might want to know that Kermit Frog is an actual candidate for president in 2016 in the US. According to official FEC filings, the candidate’s party is listed as “Other.”

Another showbiz favourite is George Clooney – but not just because he is insanely charismatic. His humanitarian work has really raised his profile, making him even more likeable.

Finally, it has been suggested by some that retired Labor elder John Faulkner is brought back to increase political integrity, clean up federal political donations.


Come on, get creative! Who would you like to see in your fantasy government?

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  1. Definitely not Trudeau, as much as I love George Clooney I don’t like his politics and I wouldn’t trust Julie Bishop. So that leaves Kermit who I must add would not be any worse than who we need to choose between in this election!

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