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Imagine if your children’s’ names changed throughout their life. Then, imagine if they were named for their strongest character trait! It would be a confusing world, but it would certainly be eye opening and straightforward for sure.

Throughout the years, each of our personalities grow and evolve to form who we are. Sometimes there are changes along the way – some small changes, and some game-changers. Whilst we don’t always notice the changes we make ourselves, it’s easy to notice the changes made in children as they grow up, influenced by their loved ones, their peers and their countless environments.

Of course, it’s the changes in our own children we experience and notice the most!

We’re curious to know, if you could describe your children with only one word for each, what would it be, and why?

Share your choices in the comments below!

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  1. Vicki…… Capable. Busy Single mum with a very responsible job. Calmly ( mostly) cops a lot of x#+#$ from her ex.

    David…… Caring. Laughs and jokes a lot. Adores his wife and kids.

    Peter…….. Dependable. Has had it tough but forges ahead with (mostly) quiet dignity. Adores his wife and kids.

  2. The one word to describe my first son is SENSIBLE.
    The second son is CAPABLE.
    With my guidance both sons have turned out decent human beings. I have never had the problem of Drugs, booze or bringing the wrong people to my home. Both sons know my standards and would not dare expect me change with the times. I would not even if they tried.

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