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A first pet can teach a child so much about responsibility. They offer emotional support, companionship, protection and some studies suggest pets can improve the physical health of kids. Kids and animals alike benefit for each other’s company. Tell us about your first pet and the happy memories you had together?

Today there are many laws which regulate what animals you can and can’t keep in your home. Whereas in the past, the laws seemed a bit more lax in the pet department. Did you have any unusual pets growing up? Or did you always dream of having a certain pet but weren’t allowed to have it?

In fact, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, in 1994, there were almost as many domestic pets in Australia as people! Two in every five households owned a dog and once in every four owned  cat. As well, the RSPCA stated that Australia has one of the highest rates of pet ownership in the world. About 63% of Australian households own pets. This means there was an estimated 25 million pets in Australia. Common pets include, birds, fish, dogs, and cats. Some of the more unusual pets were spiders, frogs and peacocks.

What was your first pet? Do you have a pet still?

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  1. Dog, goats and chooks. I learnt where babies come from and how goats give birth. At some stage we minded a shetland pony and had lizards and birds. My old dingo died a couple of years ago. Now I no longer have to worry about getting home to feed an animal and when my youngest leaves home I will be free for the first time in my life from being responsible for a human or a pet.

  2. My first pet was a Siamese kitten, who happened to be the State Champion two years’ in a row!
    He was beautiful.
    I now have a Siamese from a foster home, who’s much loved, & spoilt!

    His magnificent blue eyes get me every time!

  3. My first pet was a cat named fluffy and she lived through quite a few of her nine lives with me but we had a lot of fun she was my friend.

  4. Some one gave me silkworms still in the cacoons. My carer destroyed them. I was 5yrs old.. never trusted her again

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