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Thinking about the time when we will all inevitably pass on isn’t always easy, but nevertheless, it’s something we all do. Along with all the particulars of funeral arrangements and the enacting of the will comes the internal question: how do we each want our loved ones to remember us? What will our legacy be?

It is an unfortunate truth that none of us can truly choose when our time will come, but with the time we have left we can still have a great impact on the lives that surround us, and each day our actions form the opinions and thoughts of us, possessed by loved ones and our peers.

A thoughtful questions we’d like to ask you today is, how would you want to be best remembered by your loved ones when you pass?

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  1. I would like to be remembered for all the memories that conjure up in peoples minds-happy -sad -funny times-laughing until our jaws ached and our stomachs hurt-and i hope missed!!.

  2. That I lived Life to the full as much as I could. Caring and helpful, when needed and shared some sad and happy times, with them…my RIP, pushing up daisy’s….

  3. Don’t get too hung up on it knowing that within 2 generations your mostly only a name on a genealogy tree …..unless you have family who value and share your personal traits, living teachings – that is the true inheritance left

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