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From the toughest of toms to the meekest of moggies, all cats could find themselves housebound if threatened species commissioner Gregory Andrews moves ahead with a proposed ban on free-ranging domestic cats.

Mr Andrews, who says pet cats should be contained at all times, is seeking to impose a 24-7 cat curfew in areas where there are threatened species nearby, which – you could argue – will soon be all of Australia.

The move is part of the government’s feral cat plan, which includes a massive cull of wild cats, but also has pussykins in its sights as pet cats can kill native wildlife and breed with feral suitors.

Mr Andrews argues that domestic cats will be happier and healthier if they are contained within their owners’ properties. Clearly, the commissioner has a) never owned a cat and b) never tried keeping one indoors.

The commissioner insists the government is “not trying to tell people what to do” but that it’s what people should do.

“The plan over the long term is to make this part of our culture, and then it becomes normalised … It’s a journey that Australia has to go on,” said Mr Andrews.

There are already a number of councils that impose cat curfews, including 12 suburbs in Canberra. Cats are allowed into outdoor enclosures or to be walked on leashes. A vet in the territory has told Fairfax that some cats get quite distressed by confinement.

The government will seek public support for the 24-7 containment requirement, which will apply to national parks and defence land, and may also involve contained areas such as islands and peninsulas where feral cat control measures have a better chance of success. If a ban were imposed, it would have to be passed at state and council levels, and would need to be carefully managed to ensure people don’t dump their pets.

Brigitte Bardot recently attacked the Australian government over plans to cull 2 million feral cats.

What do you think of a 24-7 cat containment rule? Share your thoughts below. 

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  1. So they should, or build an outside enclosure, where they can be in the fresh air. My daughters cats are never out, unless in their enclosed area. Bells on collars don’t help, they nearly always get them off, and I hate to see them catching the birds, and I hate it when they come and toilet in my garden.

  2. If you want a cat , then yes its fair , no animal should ever be out there roaming the streets .

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    • I built mine a huge enclosure with the cat door in the lounge window , they loved it , in & out when ever they chose too

  3. agree all cats should be indoors or have an outdoor enclosure for them to roam in, my Burmese is totally indoors and its nearly 19 years old

    12 REPLY
    • Our dear old puss lived to nearly 19 too Lynne and the vet said they live longer if they live indoors. Our puss now lives happily indoors with plenty of toys and furniture to climb on lol, and gets to play outside in her safe enclosure. Far better than being attacked by feral cats, dogs, or getting run over imo.

    • Both my cats are indoors, one is very happy and never trys to go out, the other is an escape artist and will sneak out if you don’t watch her (both desexed) but only stays out for about an hour before she wants in again. Don’t like them out anyway too many roaming dogs and traffic in my street.

    • Cats need the outdoors just as much as the indoors. They need to climb trees and run around gardens lol !!!

    • My cat has a tree in his outdoor cage plus ramps it has three levels carpet and beds for him to nap in, he doesn’t go out there now as he is too old but loved it when he was younger

    • Good to see that you are responsible cat owners. When we moved into our new house many years ago, we had a mother and 5 kittens amongst our biulding rubble. I had to establish a feeding pattern, then Cat Protection came for them, they were very feral …. mum got away. Cat owners should be responsible, just as dog owners should be.

    • Are you talking about me Brenda ? No way was I having feral cats in my yard with young children, bringing deseases with them and whatever else ! It’s cruel to have cats and not desexing them.

    • Well I do see a problem with it. My cat loves his time outside and is very very frisky if not able to go outside. I have a de-sexed male who doesn’t roam, comes in when called and is checked on during the day.

    • We have a history of pregnant cats being dumped in our yard …as animal lovers becomes an expensive worry

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