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I just have to tell you about my experience boot scooting. At 60 years of age I wanted to learn how to do line dancing so I looked up and found a line dancing class. My son Liam who is 18 was home on holidays and my husband John was working casually, so I talked them into coming along for a bit of exercise. Liam talked his 17-year-old girlfriend into coming too. So we all set off to the local hall to do a boot scooting class. 

The four of us walked in and paid for the class at the door, and they asked us to go into a room to do some initial lessons. The music was pumping in the next room and I could see people jigging up and down. We practiced and practiced and after some time learning they asked us to join the main class.

When we walked into the main room everyone turned round and stared at us. We looked an odd bunch in the middle of a room of 70 to 75 year old women. Nobody had mentioned that the boot scooters were run by the Country Women’s Association and there was only one man that regularly turned up.

The ladies all grouped round my son and his girlfriend, and asked them questions as to where they came from and what they did for work and were they a couple. You could tell Liam was freaking out. Not use to all the attention from this age group. My husband on the other hand enjoyed chatting to some of the ladies.

When we finished the class we all walked out laughing at our terrible boot scooting. We had enjoyed the class and it was nice to do something as a family group. My husband had found he was totally out of time with the dances and did not feel confident to go back. The following week my son chose to sit in the car while I went with his girlfriend for another session. He would not even venture through the door to sit on the seats and watch.

I am sure there would be younger groups that do boot scooting it was just that we went along not realising that it was a women’s group for over 75 year old women.


Have you had any experiences boot scooting? Do you think you would give it a try?

Gillian Johnston

Gillian Johnston is a mother, grandmother, writer and hard worker based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. Born in 1951, she's a proud member of the baby boomer generation. Gill has set up a website about the difficulties that arise over 60 years of age.

  1. Yes had done boot scooting for many years – loved it — great for singles who love to dance but don’t have a partner — also great for elderly and young alike – the energy – the music- the friendship and trips away will always remain in my memory ( well here’s hoping my memory will last ) so many people hated it — they would say — we can’t get onto the dance floor because of those boot scooting idiots — well to this day the one song that makes me really want to get up and dance is — Boot scoot boogie – dance like no one is watching — may it always live on

  2. I have been line dancing for over 20 years, and with mainly the same group of ladies so love the dancing and friendship, as I am just coming up 60 I find that it is my age group up that are still line dancing.

  3. Yes it’s the best we have a line dancing group where I live over sixties once a week we all have a all good exercise

  4. I used to do line dancing classes and loved it. It was great exercise and lots of fun, not to mention meeting new friends. Then the organisers decided to alter class times and the only beginners classes were on at night. Well, that was enough for me. I dont go out at night much, and prefer to do my socialising during the day, so, my enjoyment was shortlived. So sad. Havent found another class to join thats close enough to my home.

  5. I have been line dancing for 8 years and absolutley love it ….. it is my social life, my exercise programme and the people in my group are aged 30 – 90 and sometimes much younger people join us.

  6. Go girl you are never too old. Our group (consists of 50 – 80 yr young) and we travels near and far and we are always on the floor. We are from a small town called Levin in New Zealand.

  7. We have a great day time line dance class in Clarendon SA. On a friday morning.

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