Beryl, Dottie, Hector: The old-fashioned names that are expected to take over again in 2016 6



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Your name might sound old-fashioned in this world of ‘Harmonee’s and ‘Jaxon’s but now a new 2016 baby name prediction list has shown that what’s old will be new again…

As they say: what goes around comes back around! According to Baby Centre, unusual names are still going to be popular, as are some old-fashioned names we thought were gone forever.

The site tracks searches and trends to formulate its lists and it seems many parents liked the sound of Beryl, Dottie and Hector!

Here’s what parents could be naming their children next year:


1. Adeline

2. Angelique

3. Astrid

4. Beryl

5. Chanel

6. Cicely

7. Cleo

8. Christa

9. Delphine

10. Dottie

11. Eden

12. Effie

13. Electra

14. Emi

15. Evangeline

16. Gayatri

17. Halo

18. Hetty

19. Khaleesi

20. London

21. Luna

22. Marni

23. Mallory

24. Nora

25. Pixie

26. Presley

27. Queenie

28. Safiyaa

29. Virginia

30. Wren



1. Ajay

2. Alberto

3. Aspen

4. Atticus

5. Benicio

6. Boston

7. Cairo

8. Colton

9. Darwin

10. Devon

11. Farrel

12. Hector

13. Herbert

14. Huxley

15. Julien

16. Kit

17. Lawson

18. Lochlan

19. Lucian

20. Marshall

21. Miller

22. Monroe

23. Nelson

24. Niles

25. Otto

26. Percy

27. Stan

28. Stirling

29. Ziggy

Tell us, what are your grandchildren’s names? Why were they chosen? 


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  1. Hope I’m not getting any greats in 2016 I’m not to fond of any of them. I love the names mine have Harrison, Lacy, Madison, Charlie, Grace @ Oliver.

  2. Have no grandchildren but my childrens names are Willow and Lawton. When I was pregnant with Willow I was reading a book and the heroine was Willow and the hero Lawton.

  3. Austin (took them ages to name him) and Dillan (my daughter had a dream that she had a little boy and called him Dillan. No “j”s in the girls list.

  4. I have 10 grandchildren and I love all their names. The names suit their personalities! Lloyd, Georgina, Rose, Dylan ,Julia, Liam, Peter, Evangeline, Charlotte and Amelie! Ages range from 32 to 6 months! And 1 Greatgrand son Jack! Xxxx

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  5. Emma(21),Sarah(18), Chloe (10), Charlie (10) and Ben (7). I didn’t really like most names on that list above.

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