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Would tennis be tennis without tantrums? The latest player to emerge as a promising brat of the sport is Bernard Tomic, who has been stood down from this month’s Davis Cup quarter-final for his attack on Tennis Australia officials in Wimbledon.

The young player’s disrespectful post-match comments after his third-round loss to Novak Djokovic ruled him out of contention, officials say.

“His behaviour was unacceptable,” said Tennis Australia president Steve Healy. “Playing for our country is an absolute privilege, and with that privilege comes an obligation to behave appropriately. He didn’t”.

Tomic embarked on a 10-minute rant about Tennis Australia attacking Pay Rafter, TA’s director of player performance, and saying he had been abandoned by the organisation last year while he had hip surgery.

“The allegations are misinformed and untrue and he publicly derided some outstanding people,” said Mr Healy.

“We are trying to build a strong culture underpinned by a philosophy of opportunity, not entitlement. This behaviour is just not on”.

It is hoped the punishment of missing out on the Davis Cup match against Kazakhstan will cool the 22-year-old down.

But will it?

Tennis, like no other sport, creates players who need to vent on and off the court.

In his autobiography, You Cannot Be Serious, John McEnroe (perhaps the biggest tennis brat there ever was) said his anger was condoned by tennis officials because it was good for the sport – a kind of sideshow that kept things interesting.

”They had a show to put on and my presence put behinds in the seats,” he wrote. ”If I went home they lost money. The tournament directors knew it, and the linesmen knew it. I knew it. The system let me get away with more and more”.

The Williams sisters are famous for creating a bit of drama, and Australia’s other talented young player, Nick Kyrgios, has been described by The Guardian as “Wimbledon’s new superbrat” and an SMH columnist called him “a bit of a tool”.

The 20-year-old has been ranting on-court, berating himself and others, and being sullen in press conferences.

But that’s just tennis, right?

Do you think a bit of  “personality” is okay in tennis, or should the tennis brat be a thing of the past?


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  1. Great since his dad has been back he thinks he’s bigger than the rest, if it wasn’t for tennis Australia he would not be where he is now. Great job Tennis Australia

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    • Tennis Australia , does NOT give these players talent ! It is theirs to start with . They don’t own these kids . And they need to get a wake up call from time to time as all sporting bodies do . They must be held accountable just as they make all players accountable for their actions .these sporting bodies should not be allowed to just walk over everyone .

    • The Davis Cup is Australian and we the spectators don’t need to be embarassed by these ‘smartarse’ kids. He may have talent at playing tennis but he needs a big wake call for his manners. I for one do not want him in the Davis Cup team. Also we have other up and coming kids I would rather watch.

    • Carolyn Brown you are right with the talent bit, not knowing what his parents financial situation was, it take a lot of money to nurture the talent, and I’m sure if it wasn’t for tennis Australia’s financial help, he would where he is today.

    • Your missing the point he is saying that he is paying his way tennis Australia haven’t denied it either . And you do as we say or we won’t support your sister. That is not on she should be judged on her own merits . Yet they can bring players in from overseas and support them .

    • Shirley Weber, Pat Rafter has stated that many players have had their funding either cut or removed. The Tomics have had theirs removed because of the long running disputes with Tomic snr. Rafter said the entire managemwnt team were in agreement because they are sick of having people on twitter, fb etc running them down & ruining the team bonding they are attempting garner. Groth was angry with his funding cut but has told Rafter it has just made him more determined to work harder & succeed.

  2. Tomic has to grow up, he has thrown tantrums before just like a spoilt brat, I am glad Tennis Australia has taken the action to ban him from the Davis Cup, let’s hope that he learns something from this, but I am very doubtful.

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    • All very well but should Tennis Australia cut off their nose to spite their face? Sorry, I agree with a lot of what he said. Having to pay to use practice courts out of your own pocket when you are representing your country is just not on. Truth hurts and to retaliate by taking him out of the Davis Cup squad may be something they regret.

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      • John TA has given him more than enough support. Up until now Tomic has earned approx. $9 million dollars on and of the court, and he still wants us, yes its our money he wants more of, and now the poor diddums has to pay for practice courts and balls. Perhaps we could pass the hat for him….. NOT. I suppose if he is whinging about paying for practice balls there wouldn’t be much chance of him paying any back to TA. HE is a brat, always has been and always will be, with the blessing of his father.

    • Am such a huge tennis fan. I have played it all my life. And As much as I love to win the Davis Cup, i believe TA took the appropriate action by dropping Tomic. Australia does not need to win at any cost.

    • I agree with John Rutledge I agree with a lot of what tonic said who is investigating tennis Australia . It is very hard to name a young player who hasn’t had a problem with tennis Australia . What about Casey Delaqua she had to find her own backers when she started out , Target came forward . They say it is a privilege to play for Australia ,no it is a lot of hard work and sacrifice on the part of the player . They miss out on a lot to get to their level

    • Shirley TA does not give clothing sponsorships. If Casey Delacqua did not have a clothing sponsor blame Nike or Adidas but not TA.
      IT is a privilege to play for Australia. And don’t forget they are paid to play Davis Cup. If I was gifted enough to earn a living at tennis I would be there in a heartbeat no questions asked.
      Yes they have to train hard but if they are good enough they will travel the world playing a game they love and being paid handsomely for it. Both Tomic and Kyrgios are already millionaires. How many other young Australians are this fortunate? Sorry your argument doesn’t cut it.

    • Robyn sorry I agree within with Shirley! But by the time they pay for coaches accommodation etc they r not millionaires so get that out of your head! They put in hours upon hours of bloody hard work to get where thy are!!!

    • John routledge I’m sure he has money to pay re practice courts , as every other Aussie player has done , he is a sook him and his father ,, . I’m glad he’s not playing re Davis cup ,,

    • Sue Finch the NET worth (and that means after tax etc) of Tomic is ($3m) and Kyrgios is ($1m).

  3. I feel that his words aren’t necessarily his. It seems to me that he is reciting a belief of another person.

  4. and he can take Nick with him- there are other humble, hard working players who could be given the chance to behave as we expect and as the example has been set. Bye Bernie.

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  5. Not much different from huett when he was at a young age

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    • Na i dont think so. Hewitt is a far dedicated & finer man,Tomic is similar to mark philippoussis a big spoilt brat that has been raised this way his father is self entitled & down right rude.

    • I don’t recall Hewitt ever bagging Tennis Australia .Yes he was loud and expressive on court & has improved over many years

  6. Tomic has a history of disrespect. Just another self-absorbed brat with entitlement issues. Tennis Australia has done the right thing.

  7. If they behave like they have been give them both the flick. There is no place for bad behaviour in any sport.

  8. am so over petulant tennis brats!!!

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    • I agree with you, Anne. The authorities should have clamped down on bad behaviour back in the 70’s.
      I have grown to dislike tennis because of the antics of some of the players, the disrespect that the show for officials, the lack of sportsmanship and the temper tantrums.

    • To think just how much money they make now & they go on like brats because they are not getting what they want. I am SOOOO over these brats and the public & commentators also need to stop asking stupid questions like whether tennis will be tennis without the tantrums. FFS. All it does it say to THEM that the public want them to act actrociously all in the name of ‘this is their style”??????
      All our greats from back in the 70s did not earn the money these brats do & played amazing tennis.
      So I say bring back the NO TANTRUM or Grunting tennis and just play well without all the antics FFS. I have absolutely NO TIME for either of these young men and they need to grow up and show respect.

    • I am sure if ANYONE spoke to Nick Kyrjios with such a supercilious tone and be so rude and obnoxious he would hackle up and would be highly offended that someone could be so rude, yet he thinks that nothing he does is rude and obnoxious. Can;t stand the BOY, not a man yet a LOOOOOONG way to go yet to grow up to be treated as an adult

    • Can’t stand the women screaming all the time so I have given up watching women’s tennis. If they banned screaming, they would soon stop.

    • Anne Hare can’t stand the screaming either. Just put on the mute button. Also do that for cricket and football commentary.

  9. It is an unfortunate trait in some elite sportspersons to act like they are gods. Tomic is one and Nick Is certainly heading the same way.

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