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This year’s winners of the prestigious Sydney Royal Cheese and Dairy Show have been announced! Products from Coles and Aldi have received top honours, along with a range of independent brands.

Here is 2016’s list of champions, as voted according to taste. Are these products in your fridge?

MILK: ALDI’s Farmdale Fresh Full Cream Milk
CHEESE: Coles Extra Reserve Cheddar
YOGHURT: Gourmet’s Vanilla & Rose Organic Yoghurt
ICE CREAM: Harry & Larry’s Peanut butter fudge ice cream
CHOCOLATE MILK: Coach House Dairy Chocolate Milk
DIP: Brilliant Food’s Smoked Kingfish Rillettes dip

Are you surprised by any products on this list? Do you eat these champion dairy products, or do you have other favourites?

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  1. no I have none , I am trying to diet, without success I might add

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    • Libbi Elliot Could there be a medical reason for you not losing weight? I agree if you were losing weight you would feel encouraged and that it was all worth it.

    • Libbi Elliot If it gives you any encouragement, I really struggled for the first month. I thought I was going to starve and I only lost 1.2kilos for the month. That is not a lot but my doctor was happy. As I went on it became easier. I was no longer hungry and I got into a rhythm. It is not easy and anyone who says it is is lying. Hang in there.

    • Libbi Elliot
      I’ve lost 10kgs on the one I gave you. Took me a few weeks to get used to it but I am now well into it and can manage it.

  2. Best yoghurt I have found in years is “Tasmanian Tamar Valley Dairy Greek”. It’s not cheap however it is very good value for the money. Have found one which is tastier however it is drier and not as smooth. B|

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  3. I only buy Devondale products – milk, cheese, butter, etc. Australian owned, Australian grown. Sometimes King Island cheeses.

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    • Why? That’s a shame. Bega is also an Australian company, and I believe it’s owned by it’s workers and local shareholders. But good to see that Coles may be carrying a totally Australian product, not using imported products.

  4. None of them are in my fridge, we have goats for milk and I make my own everything else.

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