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For years now, Starts at 60 has tried to convince the media world that over 60s are online. And not everyone believed us, despite our proof! We have hundreds of thousands of active over 60s on our site every month and yet, they still need to conduct research that shows what we have screamed at the top of our lungs…

A new British survey of 1000 people over the age of 65 shows that 75 per cent believe internet and computer are among “the most revolutionary inventions of their lifetime”.

But wait, do seniors even know how to turn on a computer? You might be shocked, dearest online reader, to find out that yes! Over 60s can navigate a smart device and/or a computer!

In some groundbreaking evidence, the researchers gasped when they found out over 60s are just like everyone else online: over half of the participants said they used the internet to keep in contact with their families and friends! Are you serious?! Well I’ll be….

News Corp said in their report of the research, “the most astounding finding of the report was the priority the older generation put on using the internet to source news and information: of those interviewed, 98 per cent said they would give up television, radio and newspapers, before the internet”.

We were gobsmacked too. Who would have thought the older generation could appreciate online news? I guess we’re all supposed to sit around all day, getting up only to smack our TVs when the reception drops out.

Here are the top 10 uses of the internet for over 65s – tell us, what do you use the internet for?

1. Email

2. Online shopping

3. Researching local services and products

4. Internet banking

5. Reading news online

6. Looking up places they have never been on Google Earth

7. Social media

8. Looking up places from their past on Google Earth

9. Property searches

10. Connecting with old friends

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  1. That is because they think we are old and out of it and unable to understand what a computer is, but we have a rude shock for them, we are not only online ,we are very savy and we do participate in debate

  2. Don’t they realise that when computers first came in most of us had young children that we knew were going to need to know how to use them. And those of us who used them at work had to get used to using programs that were a lot less user friendly than they are today. Anyone else remember trying to do a mail merge document on a word processing program and using f1, f2 etc to differentiate your merge fields? Had to keep a list so you knew what each number stood for. Think where computers are concerned the younger generation have it a lot easier than what we started with.

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    • Absolutely Sue, and I thought I had kept up with it until Microsoft Professional 2013…which is a whole new ball game.

    • Had to get online in late 1988 as doing a university course. A lot easier now. Also my last 8 years of nursing was using computers for notes etc..

  3. Really? Who would ever have thought! ha ha….We baby boomers invented the computer….and we will very much continue to be a part of the technology revolution on the internet…….oh damm, where did I put the instructions I wrote out with diagrams for me to understand – for the TV linking to the DVD…and changing to Foxtel!

  4. Hubby is 70 and teaches IT. Our grand kids ask him to pass down his PC, laptops, ipads, ipods, iphones etc as he always has the latest. Have a smart t.v. too. Me…..very much still in the dark, although we did go to the Windows 10 presentation in Sydney last week and I learned a few things! Most of our friends use the internet and Face Book.

  5. I have been working on computers for over 30 years. I am a woman and men still remove a screwdriver from my hand as if I couldnt fix a computer. When I started, I had to write a program to print anything out. Then they brought in the Pc. In those days there was no formal training and so each day was a huge learning curve. I taught my husband and my eldest grandchildren to use a computer. I still am working in computers, have a degree in IT, and have moved to The Cloud, and radio. By the way Retirees Matters, baby boomerd did not invent the computer, they only improved it.

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  6. Well, if you ask me … it’s just a passing fad and we’ll soon revert to those carbon and wood thingies … I suppose now the venerable (?) Newscorp is saying it, maybe people will listen! If these places put some mature people in positions of influence, they wouldn’t have to waste dollars (pounds) learning what WE already know.

  7. What makes it more unbelievable, is that for some of Us Our children have had to move away from home to source employment, which leaves Us oldies having to try to work out how to keep up with this ever changing world, which seems Hell bent on leaving Us behind. !!

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