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We take pillowcases from house to house if and when we move, eventually accumulating more than the number of people in the house can ever use – even if they were using multiple pillows each. Pillowcases are probably one of those things that some of us have a history with. Some of us even have some that we’ve kept around our whole lives – for memory’s sake.

If you have some old pillowcases that you’re willing to recycle – rather than throw away – here are 7 ways to do just that!

1. Make an apron

Here is a simple tutorial for turning an old pillowcase into an apron, complete with pockets!

2. Drawstring laundry bag

Check out this video tutorial for turning an old pillowcase into a laundry bag:

3. Make a shopping bag

Follow Martha Stewart’s instructions here on how to make your own shopping bag or beach bag out of a pillowcase.

4. Adult dress – There are many pillowcase clothing tutorials for kids out there, but why should they have all the fun? Here’s a great tutorial  for making one for yourself.

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 3.38.24 pm

5. Homemade heat pack

Heat packs aren’t always cheap but with an old pillowcase and rice, you can create one. Simply cut your pillowcase in half. Then use the side with the bottom seam and fill with a couple of cups of rice. Sew a line all the way across to create a sealed tube, then repeat with another couple of cups of rice. Repeat until the entire thing is full and seam the end to create a finished rice pack with several tubes full of rice. You can add lavender scent to it as well if you like!


Share any other ideas to repurpose pillowcases you have below.

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