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The humble rubber band has a multitude of uses but there are some great ones we might be missing out on!

Here’s 21 of the most useful ideas for rubber bands… Do you have any others to add?

1. Prevent a sliced apple from browning

Once your sliced your apple, reassemble into apple’s shape and put a rubber band around the middle to hold it together.

2. Make tight pants fit

Are your pants feeling a little tight? look a rubber band around the fastener to give a little extra breathing room.

3. Create a lid gripper

If you’re having trouble getting lids off, put a thick rubber band around the top and twist – it’ll come off instantly.

4. Make a camera wrist strap

Lost your camera’s wrist strap? Grab a large rubber band and insert into the strap holes.

5. Portion control hand wash

If you have the grandkids over or are trying to save money on products, twist a rubber band around the pump mechanism to give half squirts.

6. Prevent your cutting board from slipping

Stretch a rubber band around the edge of your cutting board to create a non-slip backing.

7. Safety strap for eye glasses

Break a rubber band in half and tie each end to the part of the glasses frame that sits over your ears. You can secure the glasses to your face if you make the rubber band short enough.

8. Finger exercises

Bunch all your fingers together and place them through the center of a rubber band. Spread your fingers out and let them contract. Or, wrap a rubber band from your index finger to your pinky and move your index finger away from the other fingers. Repeat this process for the other fingers.

9. Mark level of liquid

Take a paint can for instance. Before you put the top back on, wrap a rubber band around the outside of the can at the same level as the paint remaining in the can. Next time you need it you’ll know exactly how much you have left without opening it to check.

10. Prevent mixing spoon from sliding into the bowl

Wrap a rubber band around the upper part of the spoon’s handle just above the point at which the spoon touches the rim of the bowl. Now the spoon can’t slide in.

11. Stop toilet paper wastage from your pets

Dogs and cats love to shred things… especially toilet paper! When you’re not there to supervise, wrap a rubber band around the roll of toilet paper.

12. Wipe off excess paint

Stretch a rubber band around an open paint can from top to bottom so it crosses over the opening just above the paint. Wipe the excess paint off on the rubber band.

13. Revive an old broom

Are your broom’s bristles a bit worn? Tighten them up by wrapping a thick rubber bands halfway up the broom’s bristles to hold them in place.

14. Catch candle wax

Wrap a large rubber band around a candle and it will stop the wax from dripping onto the table.

15. Makeshift rubber thimble

If you have to count or organise a lot of papers, a few rubber bands wrapped around the tips of your fingers will make the job a lot easier.

16. Keep clothes on hangers

Winding up rubber bands at the tips of your clothes hangers will keep slippery straps and fabrics from sliding off.

17. Help little fingers grip slippery glasses

Slip rubber bands around a drinking glass to help children get a better grip.



18. Stop a door from closing

A rubber band stretched between the doorknobs so that it’s wrapped around the closing point of a door can help stop the door from closing over or slamming.

19. Loosen a screw with stripped thread

Press a rubber band into the head of a stripped screw to help give your screwdriver better traction.

20. Fasten your wine glasses in the dishwasher

Ensure your wine glasses are secured in the dishwasher with elastic bands – you can loop them together and tie at either end.

21. Stop your tea bag from sinking

Use a rubber band to stop your tea bag from sinking by attaching to the rim of the cup.



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  1. My brother would walk past a $ coin, but will bend to pick up a rubber band! He has so many uses for them.

    2 REPLY
    • Very smart! I guess he thinks he has enough coin but not enough rubber bands. Me, I don’t even see the rubber band for looking the the $!!!

  2. There is no way I would picking a rubber band off the street and reusing it, how do know a dog hasn’t peed on it? Rubber bands are cheap go and buy a packet

  3. They look like looming bands which always break over time

    1 REPLY
    • Nothing lasts for ever. My father always had a piece of 8g fencing wire in the boot of the car and after seeing a spark plug cable made from fencing wire on a T Model I reckon you could use it for anything.

  4. Is it a prerequisite on so many Face Book sites to use the very tired, trite expression “Blow you away”? Is anyone in the same frame as I; i.e. sick and tired of meaningless and ad nauseum hyperboles?

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