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Gardening is so much fun but it can be costly buying all those pots to put plants in. But what if you could repurpose the things you had around your house?

There are plenty of ways to do it, and here are our favourites, which is yours?

1. Use old bricks to plant succulents and candles


Source: Pinterest


2. Use old bottles for a cool feature wall


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3. Paint old tyres for a bright design in the garden


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4. Use your old corks to plant tiny succulents


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5. Do you have old chairs? Give them a fresh coat and some new life


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6. Old hats make great, unique plant holders


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7. Wine bottles don’t have to gather dust after you use them….


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8. Old bikes are an awesome way to jazz up your yard


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9. Bird cages are a stunning feature when filled with draping plants


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10. Broken pots can be used too!


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11. Give an old kettle a new start by filling with flowers



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12. An old desk is a unique and quirky way of displaying your plants


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13. Succulents look great in old kitchenware


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14. If you have old terracotta pots, why not use your old material to cover them?



Source: Pinterest



15. Handbags are a cool and fun way to grow flowers



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16. Cinder blocks can be painted to create a bright centrepiece



Source: Pinterest

How often do you garden? What do you like to plant? Tell us about your garden below.

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  1. I have at times used everything from tin cans to old tyres. I once bought 10 cane baskets for $5 from an op shop and planted veggies in them.

  2. I brought buckets and potting mix last year for veges used them again.this year with new potting MX Already eating lettuces

  3. Some clever and very effective ideas, I saw a garden in a San Francisco park planted entirely in old shoes, also very clever.

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