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Ah microwaves. These handy appliances are a kitchen staple but most of us just use them to reheat food or thaw meat. But did you know that your microwave has hundreds of other uses?

We’ve found 15 of the best that will blow your mind! Which were you most surprised about?

  1. Tear free onions – pop them in the mic with the ends cut off for 30 seconds and you won’t cry when you cut them!
  2. Reuse stamps – Put a couple of drops of water on the stamp and pop the letter in the microwave. It’ll come right off!
  3. Clean it – Put a bowl of vinegar in a bowl and heat on high for 2 minutes. They will steam off the gunk so all you need to do is wipe it down.
  4. Dry herbs – Place a cup of your herbs on paper towel and microwave on high for 2 minutes.
  5. Decrystallise honey – If your honey jar has become crystallised you can make it gooey and clear again by taking off the jar lid and microwaving for 2 minutes of half heat
  6. Get more juice out of lemons or limes – Heat your citrus fruits on high for a minute and you will get 30 per cent more juice out of them.
  7. Peel garlic fast – Put a single clove on high heat for 15 seconds and it will peel super easily.
  8. Poach an egg – Wet the inside of a mug and crack an egg, making sure you don’t break the yolk. Put a damp paper towel on top of the mug, covering the egg. Microwave on high for 1 and a half minutes and voila!
  9. Rehydrate stale bread – Simply wrap in soaked and rung out paper towel and heat on high for 10 seconds
  10. Revive a dry, clumpy mascara – Remove the lid and brush and place the tube next to a cup of water. Microwave for 10 seconds on high and you can have a few more weeks of your favourite mascara.
  11. Kill germs on a sponge – Kill 99.9 per cent of germs by saturating with water and popping in the mic for a minute. Then you can squeeze out the gunk.
  12. Toast your won nuts – Pop your favourite into a bowl and add some olive oil then microwave in one minute instalments, stirring between. It will take about five minutes in total!

Tell us, do you have other magic microwave tricks?

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  1. If shoe are to tight pop in microwave for 30seconds put your foot in while warm don’t do it if shoes have metal on them

  2. When you poach an egg you have to prick the yoke otherwise it explodes in the oven…

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  3. My sister accidentally over heated a damp towel (used for sore neck) it felt very hot to touch she removed it outside the house and it burst into flames. I use my mic a lot I love it. I think I’d just throw out dirty kitchen sponges though.

  4. I use mine all the time I cook all our vegetables in it, I have also used it to heat plates before putting hot food on, also for quite a few of the things you have listed

  5. I make thickened sauces all the time in my microwave – melt butter or margerine, stir in SR flour until no lumps appear, then pour in boiling water stirring all the time until amount reached, add whatever flavouring you need (stock powder, milk powder and cheese, etc.) then back in the microwave on low until you need it, and again voila!!!! I cook nearly all my stews and casseroles in the microwave and don’t need to brown meat, chicken etc, or cook onion or mushrooms first – just on high, until nearly cooked, add water and flavouring, salt, pepper, garlic, etc., thicken with SR flour made to a roux with melted butter, and cook on medium low for half an hour or so, and ready to eat.

  6. My daughter tried to dry her socks in the microwave when she was a teenager. They caught on fire.

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