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As you head into retirement and begin to downsize your home or even if you already live in a retirement village unit, you’ll probably be looking for ways to maximise space and de-clutter the area. We’ve found 14 clever ways to save space in your smaller kitchen.

1. Use odd sized drawers to store things



2. Utilise the insides of your cabinets

inside of cabinets

measuring spoons


Rags, gloves and pot holders


3. Organise with a pegboard



4. Put your backsplash to work with a magnetic knife strip


7. Create more rows of shelves 


wall space

8. Magnet spice rack on your fridge

spice rack


fridge magnet

9. Create rolling shelves or use Lazy Susans in your cabinets

rolling shelves

10. Utilise the side of your cabinets

side cabinets

11. Use an over-the-sink cutting board to increase counter space

cutting board

12. Put shelves inside of your shelves


13. File your baking sheets and cutting boards to prevent pile-up

File your bakeware14. Use a narrow rolling cart for multi-purpose storage



Source: Buzzfeed

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  1. Interesting word that ” clutter ” !
    Bet the people who use it never cook , never entertain and never extend kitchen hospitality such as a coffee or tea to anyone !
    They’ll all go ” out” and keep their uncluttered spaces clean !!!!!

    1 REPLY
  2. I am downsizing right now and I didn’t have that much useless stuff before I started. Won’t be having that………………

  3. High shelves are not a good idea for older people. O.k. They can use a step stool but it’s best to keep both feet on the ground. All the other ideas great.

  4. I’m with Marie! I have clutter and wonderful meals come out of my cluttered kitchen. I don’t do sterile, don’t do cold space. I do my food with LOVE! I’m moving soon and decided to declutter my odds and ends drawer and all I got rid of was one very long pair of tongs! Rest can come along with me. LOL.

    2 REPLY
    • If everything was put back in its right home I would NEVER be able to find anything….a super tidy working area is usually a sign that no one does any work there 😛

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