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Photographs are extremely important to us. They allow us to travel back to a place or a moment of time; it can be nostalgic and often therapeutic. Most of us have a vast collection of photographs that are not given the time or attention that they deserve.

Here is a collection of 12 beautiful ways to display the photos you love:


1. Use wall stickers or a paint pattern as a creative frame.

paint or wall stickers

Image source: www.picbackman.com


2. Display photographs in colourful frames to make a feature of your wall.

colour photo frames

Image source: pinterest


3.  Collage a large number of photographs to the wall.

photo graphs without frames

Image source: www.houzz.com


You can also collate them in a shape, such as a love heart.

shape photo wall

Image source: pinterest.com

or a random shape.

photo blog

Image Source: www.picbackman.com


4. String photographs together on wire or string across a wall.

string photos

Image source: pintrist.com

You could even go one step further and create a makeshift frame for the photographs by sticking them to pieces of card or other light material before stringing them up.

stringing up photos

Image Source: www.picbackman.com

5.  Place photos in a circle then a clock hand in the centre to make your own time-worth masterpiece. This idea can be effective whether the photos are in fames or not.

wall clock

Image Source: pintrist.com

6. Create a large photo wall with frames. Using the frame for all the photos creates an elegant look.

frames when all the same

Image source: www. picbackman.com

Using different frames (with the same theme) creates a quirky and creative appearance.

mix up frames

Image source: www.picbackman.com

7. A geometic photo display connecting photos with coloured string is easy and interesting.

string and photos

Image course: allforfashiondesign.com

8. When you are done with jars, recycle them! lightly curl up the photos and slip them in. The curve of the jar magnifies the image.

recycling jars

Image source: allforfashiondesign.com


9. Try recycling an old shutter and attaching photos to the slats with quirky pegs. 


Image source: allforfashiondesign.com


10. Keep photos and other memorabilia from different events or places in individual boxes. This is a cool alternative to time consuming scrap books. 

photo box

Image source: marthastewart.com


11. Interesting feature using cardboard to create ring frames for photographs. 

cardobard ring frames

Image source: allforfashiondesign.com


12. Photo mobiles can be made to suit your individual style. 

photo mobile

Image source: allforfashiondesign.com

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  1. The tree, heart and in books are my three favourites.

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