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The thing about cooking stews and baked dishes is that they often leave the pot burnt especially if you keep reheating a big batch.

The worst is if you use a stainless steel pot that doesn’t have the non-stick coating.

Sometimes even soaking it in soap water and dishwashing detergent can not remove everything, taking up the much needed space in the sink. Why not try this simpler trick?

Here’s what you need:

1. Mix 1 part vinegar with 1 part water in the pot which needs to be cleaned.

2. Bring the solution to boil and continue boiling until the burnt residue starts to loosen up.

3. Use a wooden spatula to loosen up and remove the burnt residue.

4. Once everything has loosened up, empty pot, give it a good scrub and rinse well.

Watch this video to see how it’s done…

How do you normally clean your pots?

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  1. I use a strong solution of dish washer detergent and water and bring it to the boil. I’ll try vinegar next time.

  2. I use this method, especially when the pot turns a funny colour after eggs, or when we unfortunately burn the carrots!

  3. Just soak with dishwasher powder. Leave a few hours. Then wash. All burn, grease etc just disappears. Easy as

  4. Use CLR!
    Buy at supermarket in ‘Cleaners’ aisle.
    Follow directions, leave overnight, all will just have to be tipped down sink next morning.

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