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It’s Friday night and you are relaxing at home or entertaining guests for dinner. It’s been a long and tiring week and you need a glass of wine, nay you deserve it!

So you pull out the French wine you have been saving for a special occasion, giddy to have a taste and relax. You go searching through the top drawer for a cork screw, but it isn’t there. You check the next drawer and the next, heck you even check behind the fridge. But it is no where to be found…

Do your evening plans of relaxing with friends or a nice glass of red and a movie end here, never! Next time you find yourself in this situation try this little hack to open your bottle without a cork screw.

We have seen and heard of many ways to open a corked bottle of wine without a cork screw, but many of them tend to leave little flakes of cork in the wine, or are dangerous and might break the bottle (the shoe and wall technique). But this one looks like it could really work and all you need is a knife and your car keys!

Simply take your knife and make a cut in the top of the cork, next take your car key and place it inside this cut and twist it as far down as you can. Then, begin to twist the bottle with one hand and twist the key the opposite way with the other. Slow and steady wins the race here, you may be eager to get to your wine but if you do this too hastily you could risk bits of cork in your glass.

Do you have any other fool proof methods?



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  1. Not a good idea to use your egnition key it may break expensive to replace use a key that can be replaced cheaply just in case.

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